The Simpson's house gets a (slightly creepy) makeover you don't want to miss

The Simpsons living room
Spot the difference (Image credit: Fox/HomeAdvisor/Future owns)

Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch is one of many films to face a significant delay thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But if you're itching for some Anderson-inspired whimsy in 2020 (who isn't?), a rather unexpected design project has arrived to transport you all the way to Springfield – through the eyes of the quirky director. 

In the ultimate piece of crossover content, HomeAdvisor has reimagined some of the most iconic interiors from the world of The Simpsons, all in Wes Anderson's signature style – complete with charming pastel hues and retro furniture. If you fancy making creating a concept of your own, check out our best 3D modelling software

The Simpsons living room

The Simpson's living room, Wes Anderson style (Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

From the Simpson's famous living room (above) to Moe's tavern, via Mr Burns' office and, of course the the town's nuclear power plant, various Springfield locations have been remodelled in photo-realistic renders that are even "weirder and kitsch-er" than their animated originals. We'd certainly agree with weird, and even go so far as to say some of the rooms (check out the kitchen) have a slightly creepy Shining feel to them. 

HomeAdvisor says Anderson's rooms "reflect the characters who live there in a random kind of way", and the Simpson's living room has been stuffed with even more art and vintage furniture for a truly maximalist style (which, by the way, is one of 2021's hottest design trends).

The Simpsons kitchen

Fondant fancy pink, anyone? (Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

The family's kitchen, meanwhile, has been decked out with "fondant fancy pink" walls, a familiar shade pinched from The Grand Budapest Hotel. Here, the details have been pared back, making objects such as the retro telephone look "intentional and stylish".

HomeAdvisor embarked on the delightful project in order to "inspire homeowners by introducing new ways of thinking about the spaces in their homes". We're not totally sold on the idea of recreating this in our own home, but agree the power plant looks a pleasant place to work in Wes Anderson's style, with its colourful, retro style inspired by Steve Zissou’s boat in The Life Aquatic. We're less surprised the Simpson's living room looks great – this surprising fact recently revealed that the room has been bang on trend for years.

The Simpsons nuclear power plant

We've seen worse offices  (Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

We're big fans of HomeAdvisor's project, which serves as a delightful (if not a little sinister) glimpse of what could be if Anderson ever decided share his own take on Springfield. We can't see it happening, but we'd be first in line for an Wes Anderson/Matt Groening crossover. Head over to HomeAdvisor's website for the full collection of reimagined interiors.

Judging by its masterpiece of a poster, The French Dispatch is set to be another visual treat from Anderson. The film doesn't have a definite release date yet, but our fingers are crossed that we'll get to see it next year. In the meantime, there are plenty of great art shows available on Disney+ right now, if you fancy getting your creative fix from the comfort of your own living room. 

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