Iconic homes reimagined as Polly Pockets are surprisingly addictive

polly pocket Stranger things
(Image credit: The ToyZone)

We've been party to a whole host of design mashups recently, with Lego taking centre-stage in many of them. But a toy website has put a different product in the spotlight with a recent digital imagining – the teeny, tiny world of Polly Pocket, which has been reimagined as a series of famous homes. And we're completely obsessed with the idea. After all, why should Lego have all the fun?

A total of six pocket-sized pads have been themed as miniature versions of iconic homes from TV and film. It's a series of intricate CGI artwork we could see featuring in our roundup of top 3D art, and we think the idea is a match made in design heaven.

Polly Pocket The Simpsons

The tiny home is spot on (as is the tiny Homer) (Image credit: The ToyZone)

The ToyZone worked with CGI artist Jan Koudela to create the digital renderings of each reimagined home using Cinema 4D, and there's truly something for everyone to enjoy here. The Simpsons residence (above) feels like an immersive experience, with a spot on colour palette and use of shape. 

Or, if you're feeling like something more grown-up, take a frightening trip into the Overlook Hotel from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. The only things missing are the terrifying twins cycling down the hallway. 

The Shining

This Polly Pocket might help Jack to play (Image credit: The Shining)

For Lord of the Rings fans, the Polly Pocket Hobbit house (below) is just perfect – we love the rounded aesthetic and the cosy vibes.

Lord of The Rings

So cosy (Image credit: The ToyZone)

The rest of the collection features a genius rendering of Monica's rent-controlled pad (from Friends, if you're not well versed in '90s culture), The Byers residence from Stranger Things (a true masterpiece – see it at the top of the page) and a stunning rendition of a Wes Anderson classic – The Royal Tenenbaums Polly Pocket. See the whole collection here.

Polly Pocket was originally created by a design-savvy dad, who made the first one out of a powder compact for his daughter in 1968. This level of innovation continues with this brilliant project, which shows exactly what's possible for the product (though, of course, it's already doing pretty well with its merchandising and TV spin-off). We would love to see this product happen for real, and we certainly have suggestions for other theme ideas.

Enjoying the miniature home vibe? Check out these Disney-themed tiny houses. Or, create your own work with these top Cinema 4D tutorials.

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