Stunning project turns logos into houses

House Logo - Adidas
(Image credit: wamhouse studio)

Logos are all around us, we see them on-screen, on buildings, on clothing, on packaging, on cars, almost everywhere we look a brand is trying to grab our attention. And, the latest architectural imaginings of Karina Wiciak – of wamhouse studio – has taken logo design to a level that is hard to ignore. 

The architect has designed a series of houses inspired by the logo design of some very well-known brands. The lineup boasts sportswear giant Adidas (and its famous three stripes), along with car manufacturers Chevrolet, Renault and Mitsubishi, which have all been reimagined as contemporary concrete and glass structures.

House logos - Chevrolet

The Chevrolet logo in house form (Image credit: wamhouse studio)

Our favourite of the logo-houses is the trihouse, which is dedicated to the Adidas brand, with three concrete strips separated by large panels of glazing. Thankfully, it doesn't look like a big shoe. 

The Chevrolet-inspired design – the crosshouse – looks very much like a James Bond villain's house – stuck in the middle of the ocean waiting for a helicopter to land on the roof, while the design for Renault – the rhombhouse – stands like an ancient monolith that future generations should be pondering.

The final design in the series – the pyrahouse – belongs to the Mitsubishi logo. The pyramid shape offers a design that would be perfect as an exclusive beach house in a sedate and secluded location. 

House logos - Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi house looks rather Star Wars-esque (Image credit: Wamhouse Studio)

Unfortunately, you can't purchase or visit any of these architectural beauties. They are only at the concept stage, but just imagine being able to live in a house that resembles your favourite brand. 

You could live in a Google house, a big 'G' with a slim window resembling the search bar. Or, what about a home inspired by the iconic Apple logo. It might be built with shiny white plastic, or potentially in the shape of a cheese grater if we're going by the design of the new Mac Pro.

You can see more of these logo concept buildings on wamhouse's Instagram page.

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