Nina Chanel Abney's bold new NFT art collection is the best yet

Nina Chanel Abney launches super cool world NFT
(Image credit: Nina Chanel Abney)

New York-based contemporary artist Nina Chanel Abney is best known for her large, vibrant, graphic paintings and she's now distilled this colourful style down into a 5,080 image NFT collection. And it's one of the best art collections you'll see this year. Seriously, Nina Chanel’s Super Cool World is so much fun.

It's always refreshing to see how artists make use of non-fungible tokens (catch-up what are NFTs in our guide) as each makes use of this new art form in different ways, and adapts their style, and in doing so creates something new and challenging.

Nina Chanel Abney is a painter who uses her art to ask questions about race, gender, politics, pop culture and homophobia. Her style makes use of symbols and colour to depict common scenes and settings in new ways. Her figures are abstract and unapologetic. She makes us question everyday life. Adapting that into an NFT art collection is, well… exciting.

Nina Chanel Abney Super Cool World NFT collection, a face on the Pride flag

Nina Chanel Abney's work challenges homophobia, and that can be seen in her new NFT art collection (Image credit: Nina Chanel Abney)

For her first NFT art collection the brilliant Nina Chanel Abney created hundreds of traits that reflect the artist's established, collage-inspired approach to art and visual design. Super Cool World is a PFP-based NFT art project designed as a new way for Nina Chanel Abney to connect with her fans and collectors.

Part of the reason Super Cool World exists is so we can all stand a chance of collecting new art from Nina Chanel Abney. Each Super Cool World NFT enables an owner to participate in the artist's career, this will include access to new and exclusive merchandise (why of course) but also invites to events and further NFT art drops. Owners will also be asked to participate in future exhibitions; could you be in a Nina Chanel Abney painting?

Nina Chanel Abney Super Cool World NFT collection, a stylised monkey face

Owners of the new Super Cool World NFT art will get access to new drops, events and gallery shows (Image credit: Nina Chanel Abney)

Nina Chanel Abney's Super Cool World NFT will drop at GODA (Gallery of Digital Assets) this week and be the gallery's first NFT collection. Fans can also find Super Cool World on OpenSea and get in early at Premint.

Of course, Nina Chanel Abney is not the first fine artist to venture into NFTs. Earlier this year Takashi Murakami broke trading records with his Murakami.Flowers NFT collection while others include Simon Denny and Damien Hirst. 

But the power of NFTs is that they create a level playing field, one where we can all launch art collections and aspire to connect with new people. Take a look at my guide to how to create an NFT for free to get up to speed, and read up on NFT drops and the best NFT marketplaces for how to buy and sell NFT art.

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