Okay, this is the silliest Nintendo Switch game I've ever seen

We're big fans of the Nintendo Switch here at Creative Bloq. Whether it's Mario action or a Zelda adventure, the compact console offers heaps of fun. Part of that comes from the versatility of the Joy-Con controllers, which can be attached, detached, fit inside steering wheels or – it turns out – even stuffed inside a toilet roll.

'Oops, No Paper!' has to be the silliest Nintendo Switch game we've come across. It's a simple platform puzzle with a delightfully bizarre mission: to deliver a toilet roll to a desperate lavatory user – but there's a catch (see our pick of the best Nintendo Switch games for more fun).

In new download from SKT Products, you have to deliver a toilet roll to a businessman who's stuck on the loo without paper. To do so you guide the roll through a maze full of obstacles – using an actual toilet roll to do so. How? You put one of the Switch's Joy-Cons into the toilet roll and, voilá, you have the latest gaming accessory.

The Switch's Joy-Cons have built-in motion sensors that detect which way they're moving. That means that placing one inside a toilet roll and rolling it around allows you to move around the game. You'll need another couple of accessories too: a piece of wood or sturdy cardboard to roll the toilet roll on, and some cotton wool to keep your Joy-Con nice and secure inside the roll.

It's a wonderfully quirky and quite physical game that takes advantage of a more realistic potential calamity than the premise behind many other games – I suspect developer Takuhiro Miyazawa may be exercising demons from a personal ordeal here. Anyone who's been caught in the same situation should have plenty of motivation to want to complete the nutty challenge.

Nintendo Switch toilet roll game

Win! (Image credit: SKT Products)

The game, whose name translates as something like 'Oops, no paper!', is currently only available on the Nintendo Switch online store in Japan. We're not sure if the SKT plans to release it elsewhere, but here's hoping. In the meantime, if you still need the console itself, see the best current Nintendo Switch prices in your region below.

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