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Reproduce any colour with a tap of the Cube Portable Color Digitizer

A bold colour can stick with you. When a shade catches your eye and you want to keep it with you, or put it to use, you can quickly capture it with the Cube Portable Color Digitizer. It's on sale now for just $99 (approx. £76) but it won't be available much longer.

When inspiration strikes, you need to be able to harness it. Cube makes that possible by putting a colour digitiser in your pocket. Instead of trying to guess the shade from memory or recreating it from a photo, just place Cube on the colour and tap. It will instantly extract the exact colour you want, and enable you to access it immediately from a connected smartphone or computer to put to use in any project.

You can get the Cube Portable Color Digitizer on sale now for just $99 (approx. £76). That's a saving of 28 per cent on a must-have accessory for any designer with an eye for colour, but act fast because this deal is about to end!