The best Prime Day TV deal isn't even on Amazon (but it will save you $500)

The Samsung Frame TV hangs on the wall of someone's living room.
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The Samsung Frame TV has had some big discounts over time, but I've just spotted one of the best yet. And even though we're in the middle of Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days, these discounts are from other retailers.

There are deals on all sizes, I'm particularly taken with the offer on the 75-inch version, bringing it down by a whopping $1,050 to just $1,949 at Walmart (I also like the $410 off the 55-inch offer, if this is a little big).

An art TV displays beautiful works of art when you're not using it to watch films or shows. It has a stunning 4K display and ultra-thin bezels so it doesn't need to look like a standard TV when you've got it wall-mounted. There are only a few real art TVs on the market, and this is arguably the best-known (see our best frame TV guide for more). 

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$1,949 at Walmart

Samsung Frame TV (75-inch, 2022)
$1,949 at Walmart

Overview: The 75-inch, 2022 model of The Frame is our favourite TV right now. It's at a brilliant price at Walmart, and is the perfect size if you don't want anything as enormous as the 85-inch version but need something bigger than the usual TV size.

Key features: This is arguably the most popular of the 'art TV'. A 4K TV that, when not acting as a TV, displays your favourite art in incredible high definition. You can get a subscription of all the world's finest art for $7 a month, or display your own collection (or both). The ultra thin bezels and changeable frames make it look like a high-end framed piece of art.  

Price history: The 75-inch model retails at $2,997.99, though we've seen it dip way lower than that since it was released in April 2022. This current price of $1,949.99 is the lowest on the net right now, but a little way off that record-low on Prime Day ($1,634).

Price comparison: Amazon: $2,997.99 | Best Buy: $2,999.99 | Woot: $1,997.99

Reviews: All the reviews that we've read have said that the 2022 model of the original 2021 Samsung Frame TV builds on the original in all the right ways. It's true that the sound won't be comparable to most sound bars out there, but this is very much more about the visuals.

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