NFTs could finally become accessible with these new Samsung TVs

A photo of a TV that makes NFT marketplaces easier to understand
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NFTs can still be confusing and unapproachable for many people. It's why Samsung and NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway are teaming-up, to create the world's first Smart TV NFT Platform. Samsung is set to launch a TV that incorporates an NFT marketplace so you can browse, buy and sell art while you wait for the next Moon Knight episode to drop. But there's a catch… these new TVs are incredibly expensive.

Samsung's decision could instantly place NFTs in the living rooms of thousands of people, and begin to break down the murk that surrounds non-fungible tokens. If you need a refresher, we have a great guide, What are NFTs?, you should read. We also list the best NFT marketplaces, and yes, Nifty Gateway is one.

NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway is now integrated into Samsung's plans, which means all of the tech giant's premium TVs for 2022 will feature the new NFT connectivity. This includes the high-end QLED and Neo QLED TVs, which are some of the best TVs in 2022. If price isn't an issue, Nifty Gateway also offers its app for Samsung's gallery-standard The Frame and state-of-the-art MICRO LED TVs.

Making NFTs easier

One of the best TVs for NFT marketplaces is by Samsung

Samsung and Nifty Gateway are putting NFTs in living rooms (Image credit: Samsung)

As well as offering viewers of these new Samsung TVs the opportunity to buy and sell NFT art, there's a hidden gem of an idea inside the Nifty Gateway and Samsung pairing. Viewers will gain access to more than 6,000 works of digital art from pioneers such as Beeple, Daniel Arsham, and Pak. This level of curation is what's currently missing from NFTs, and could help guide newcomers to the best corners of the NFT art world.

In a press statement, Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder of Nifty Gateway said: "Nifty Gateway's mission is to bring NFTs to a billion people by empowering creators and simplifying the way customers buy, sell, create, and hold NFTs. We are committed to making NFTs accessible and NFT purchasing more seamless than ever before."

The Samsung partnership brings NIfty Gateway's ambition closer to happening, yet Samsung isn't the only player in this space. We list the best NFT frames in our guide, including brands Canvia and Meural, and newcomer Lago with its innovative gesture controlled frame. Many of these brands are working on a similar curation tools, but the combo of Samsung and Nifty Gateway is on a different level.

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