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Stranger Things meets Peanuts in this brilliant animated mashup

Unless you've been without an internet connection for the past few months, the huge popularity of sci-fi horror series Stranger Things can't have passed you by. Part of the Netflix show's success has been put down to 80s nostalgia, which has lead plenty of fans turning the programme into retro posters, making a website that turns text into the Stranger Things logo design, and even creating an 8-bit videogame. But this latest piece of fan art takes the nostalgia in a slightly different direction, transforming Stranger Things into a Charlie Brown-style cartoon.

Created by animator Leigh Lahav, the animation packs in lots of clever gags related to each show. The kids struggle to understand the grown up's indecipherable voices, Will Byers grapples with Charlie Brown's anxiety attacks, and, in the end, he learns a sugary-sweet lesson about friends and loved ones.

There's some wry humour in here too, as everyone's levelheaded outcast, Barb, is forgotten about once again. And with the demonic Demogorgon taking the place of Snoopy, were not sure how long these kids will be happily dancing around the piano after all.

Dom Carter
Dom Carter is Creative Bloq's staff writer, news finder, and all round design fan. You'll usually find him drooling over screen prints and coveting more notebooks than is practical.