The New Yorker reveals Clinton election victory cover

In a parallel universe, this is how The New Yorker would have looked

Remember the 2016 presidential election? The hotly contested race to the White House between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton dominated the news last year thanks to straight talking soundbites, accusations of fake news, and a result that plenty of people are still getting used to.

No matter whether or not you're happy with Donald Trump taking up office in the White House as the 45th President of the United States, chances are you've wondered what the world would look like if his Democrat opponent won instead. Thanks to this alternative cover for last November's issue of The New Yorker, you can get a glimpse into what could've been.

Illustrated by Malika Favre, the cover, named The First, shows Clinton gazing out of the Oval Office window at a shining full moon. The reveal ties in with an interview between Hilary Clinton and The New Yorker editor David Remnick where she talks about her memoir and the stinging loss of the presidential race. 

Shared on The New Yorker Twitter page, the cover drew a mixed reaction from readers. Some welcomed the illustration as a fascinating insight into how the magazine would have approached Clinton's victory, while others were tired of the publication complaining about the result and asked it to move on.

The Trump election victory covers that were published

As it happened, Trump won the election and The New Yorker ended up putting out a powerful cover with a brick wall illustration by Bob Staake. Appropriately titled The Wall, the cover reflects how the magazine's team felt at the time.

"When we first received the results of the election, we felt as though we had hit a brick wall, full force," explains The New Yorker's art editor, Françoise Mouly.

The Wall is just one of many magazine covers dedicated to Trump's presidency. We've rounded up a choice selection of the best and most striking that you can browse by clicking left or right in the gallery below.

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The Wall is a clever and provocative illustration, no matter whose side you're on
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This Der Spiegel cover by Edel Rodriguez reacts to Trump's inauguration speech
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This striking Time cover was the first in a decade not to have a cover line
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An August 2017 cover for The Economist uses KKK imagery. It's not the only one...
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...The New Yorker also used the KKK hood to make a point with this Blowhard cover by David Plunkert

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