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Valentine's Day 2021: Beautiful flowers delivered in time for the big day

Valentine's Day flowers
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We know that Valentine's Day flowers might not be high on your list of priorities right now, what with the global pandemic and that. Have you seriously considered the ramifications of not giving the special person in your life some of the old celebratory blooms, though? That way lies a stay at the exclusive Club Maison de Chien.

Not to worry, though; if you pull your finger out there's still time to order flowers and get them delivered in time for the big day. And to save you some frantic searching, we've already done the hard work for you (as long as you're based in the US or UK). 

We've found five of the best floral options to delight your significant other (and to give you some practice if you want to learn how to draw a rose), and at the time of writing they'll all deliver in time for Valentine's Day (of course if you're reading this in a blind panic on Saturday evening then all bets are off). So don't hang about; read on to find the bouquet of your dreams.

Valentine's Day flowers: US

Valentine's Day flowers: UK

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