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The best drawing tablets for kids in 2021

best drawing tablet for kids
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Looking for the best drawing tablet for kids? Maybe you want to encourage a teen who has shown an interest in drawing, or maybe you just want something that will occupy a toddler for a few hours. The world of drawing tablets for kids is extensive enough to cater to both of these desires, and everything in between. Plus, it's a lot less mess than crayons and paper!

So what are the best drawing tablets for kids like? The options are extensive, with sophisticated options from pro artistry companies like Wacom and XP-Pen, as well as simpler and cheaper drawing pads that are perfect for the littler ones. Alternatively, you've got more multi-functional tablets from the likes of Apple and Samsung, which nevertheless offer impressive drawing functionality. A Wacom tablet may be a tremendous artist's tool, but can it play Netflix? No, it cannot!

All these tablets come with different price tags, though as a rule, tablets for kids are pretty much always cheaper than tablets for adults. Many of them are also equipped to be able to take a few knocks or drops, which any parent knows is definitely a wise precaution.

We've picked what we reckon are the best drawing tablets for kids right now, from a range of manufacturers. We've included everything from simple drawing pads to more sophisticated learning tools, at a range of different price points. We've specified a recommended age range for each product, so you can get an idea of which models are best for which child. Ultimately though, you know best what your child needs, so take a look to get a feel for what's on offer.

If all these great tablets make you jealous and you start thinking you might like one for yourself, don't miss our round up of the best drawing tablets for adults too. And if you want to explore different types of creativity, have a look at our best cameras for kids, or our best lightboxes list.

The best drawing tablets for kids available now

Best drawing tablets for kidsCB

(Image credit: Wacom)

01. Wacom Intuos Draw

The best drawing tablet for kids out there

Type: Graphics tablet | Active drawing area: 6.0 x 3.7 in | Resolution: 2540 lpi | Pen pressure sensitivity: 2,048 levels | Connections: USB | OS: Windows/macOS | Suitable for ages: 12 and older

Premium drawing experience
Easy to carry
Only comes in small
Pricier than others

If you're looking for a tablet that will encourage a budding artist, that will provide a superb, child-friendly experience for a reasonable price, then we definitely recommend the Wacom Intuos Draw. Striking a peerless balance between performance and price, this is a baby cousin to the big professional tablets Wacom sells, and is an ideal first step on an artistic journey.

The tablet comes equipped with everything an artist needs to get started. It comes with the handy Wacom Intuos Pen, which offers 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity. It's a drawing tablet and not a pen display, meaning it needs to be connected to a computer so a user can see what they're doing. This is easy enough, and any kid of 12 or older can be expected to get the hang of it pretty quickly.

This isn't one for little kids. It probably costs more than you'd spend on a tablet if you don't believe your child will use it a lot, so scroll down if you're looking for more casual options. If, however, you're looking to nurture a spark that could turn into a lifelong passion, this is your best bet.

best drawing tablet for kids - Huion Inspiroy H1060Pcb badge

(Image credit: Huion)

02. Huion Inspiroy H1060P

An impressively affordable tablet for young artists looking to grow

Type: Graphics tablet | Active drawing area: 254 x 159mm | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels | Connections: Micro USB, USB-C | OS: Windows/macOS/Android | Suitable for ages: 12 and older

Highly sensitive
Excellent price
No built-in screen
No iPhone compatibility

Huion tablets provide great functionality at hugely affordable tablets, and this means that a Huion tablet is the ideal gift for a child who wants to draw! 

Out of the Huion stable, which is pretty extensive, we'd pick the Huion Inspiroy H1060P as one of the best drawing tablets for kids. It doesn't cost too much, but still manages to pack in features that wouldn't look out of place on a professional tablet, such as 8,192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, and 16 customisable ExpressKeys that let the user tailor the experience precisely to their taste.

This is one for teenagers rather than really little kids (if you are buying for a toddler or kid under 10, scroll down for some recommendations on that score). It's an excellent choice for a child with a budding artistic skill; the main thing to be aware of is that the tablet doesn't have its own screen, just like the Wacom Intuos Draw. This means it needs to be plugged into a computer, or an Android tablet or smartphone, to allow the user to see what they're drawing.

Best drawing tablets for kidscb badge

(Image credit: Samsung)

03. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

A great do-it-all tablet that has child-friendly modes

Type: Tablet computer | Active drawing area: Approx 200mm x 120mm | Resolution: 1280 x 800 | Connections: USB, Bluetooth | OS: Android | Suitable for ages: 5-12

Useful Kids Mode
Feels more expensive than it is
Needs third-party stylus
Middling graphical power

Cheap tablets tend to also be kid-tablets, as you're probably not going to want to give an expensive iPad to someone who may or may not decide to cover it in peanut butter. As such, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab A isn't explicitly a tablet for kids, the firm has recognised that the ultra-cheap price point will have plenty of parents thinking in that direction. As such, the tablet comes equipped with loads of useful modes like Kids Mode, which gives kids quick access to their favourite apps while blocking out any content that isn't appropriate.

The display isn't the highest resolution, but it's pleasingly large and provides a great drawing space. The Android store means there's loads of choice in terms of apps for drawing, though be aware that you have to get the right stylus for it to work – the Samsung S-Pen will NOT work unless you shell out for the more expensive version of this tablet. However, anything generic should work (see our best Apple Pencil alternatives), and should be more than good enough for young ones who want to start drawing.

Richgv LCD Tablet - the best drawing tablet for kids

(Image credit: Richgv)

04. Richgv LCD Tablet

An amazingly cheap tablet for avid little doodlers

Type: Pen display tablet | Active drawing area: 8-inch | Pen pressure sensitivity: No | Connections: No | OS: None | Suitable for ages: 5-9

Terrific value
Some waterproofing
Can't save pictures
Very simple interface

The best kids' drawing tablet for those on a really tight budget, the Richgv LCD Tablet is a wonderfully simple device that comes with everything a kid needs to start drawing, for an extremely low price. Not surprisingly at this price, there's no pressure sensitivity, and as the device doesn't have internal storage there isn't capacity to save creations – so it's a good choice for very young doodlers who won't mind too much (in that vein, the device is also splashproof, insuring it against juice-carton-related mishaps). This super simple tablet is a great first step into the world of drawing for little ones.

Best drawing tablet for kids

(Image credit: iskn)

05. iskn The Slate 2+

The best tablet for kids for that proper paper feel

Type: Graphics tablet | Active drawing area: 210 x 148mm | Pen pressure sensitivity: No | Connections: Micro USB, Bluetooth | OS: Windows/macOS/Android | Suitable for ages: 10 and older

Clever analogue/digital hybrid
Works with your pencils
Small drawing surface
No pressure sensitivity

The best tablet for the kind of kid who's always doodling in a notebook, iskn's The Slate 2+ is based on a really neat idea. It's effectively a digital notepad that works with actual physical paper – simply attach it to the front of the slate, then start drawing with your own pen or pencil (with the supplied magnetic rings attached) and the tablet will create an instant digital copy that you can save straight to a connected device (computer or smartphone). This is a great tool that a budding artist can carry everywhere.

XP-Pen Deco01 V2 - the best drawing tablet for kids

(Image credit: XP-Pen)

06. XP-Pen Deco01 V2

A tablet for kids offering fantastic value

Type: Graphics tablet | Active drawing area: 10 x 6.25-inch | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 | Connections: USB, Bluetooth | OS: Windows/macOS/Android | Suitable for ages: 12 and older

Fantastic price
Supports pen-tilt
Pen feels slightly cheap

One of the best things about XP-Pen's tablets is that they offer tremendous value for money, so you don't have to stress quite so much about giving a tablet to a kid who might not take care of it as assiduously as an adult. The XP-Pen Art Deco01 V2, for instance, is not only fantastically affordable but also offers a great drawing experience, with full connectivity that includes Android as well as Windows and Mac. Though the pen does feel a little cheap and plasticky, it does offer 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing for precise, fine detail work.

Best drawing tablets for kids

(Image credit: Amazon)

07. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

The best affordable tablet for kids

Type: Tablet computer | Active drawing area: 10-in | Resolution: 1920 x 1200 | Connections: USB, Bluetooth | OS: Amazon Fire OS | Suitable for ages: 3-12

Protective case
Useful parental features
Stylus sold separately
Relies on Amazon app store

A tablet designed specifically for kids, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is an all-purpose little fun device built to be kid-proof. Purchase gets you a year's free subscription to Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited, which nets them access to loads of books, TV shows, apps and games – and you can use the parental controls to block access to games until the reading gets done!

So what about the drawing? While the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition isn't a specialised drawing tablet, it'll work well enough for little doodlers. That is, as long as you remember to pick up the extra stylus, which doesn't come as part of the package. Once this is done, there will be no shortage of drawing apps to play with. There won't be anything like the depth and fidelity of a Wacom tablet, but for sketches and doodles, it works great.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is an excellent choice if you want a tablet that's great for plenty of functions as well as drawing. Also, if the 10 edition is too expensive for you, Amazon also produces smaller tablets in 8-inch and 7-inch varieties.

Huion H640P - the best drawing tablets for kids

08. Huion H640P

The best compact drawing tablet for kids

Type: Graphics tablet | Active drawing area: 6.3 x 3.9in | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels | Connections: USB | OS: Windows or macOS | Suitable for ages: 12 and older

Small and light
Good drawing experience
Pen doesn’t need a battery
Might be a bit too small for some

The Huion H640P is an excellent drawing tablet for kids. It's small and portable, making it perfect for little hands – and also easy to carry around in a backpack. At just 10.2 x 5.8 inches, this option is no thicker than a smartphone, but offers a handy set of shortcut keys, which makes up for its compact size. 

The pen that comes with the Huion H640P is comfortable and easy to use. Unlike more sophisticated styluses such as the Apple Pencil, it's a battery-free pen, so a drawing session won't be prematurely stymied if someone forgot to plug their pen in the previous night. Happily, the H640P pretty competitively priced as well, which makes it an ideal choice for young beginners.

Wacom Bamboo Slate - the best drawing tablets for kids

09. Wacom Bamboo Slate

Best mid-range graphics tablet for kids

Type: Graphics tablet | Active drawing area: 8.3 x 11.7in | Pen pressure sensitivity: 1,024 levels | Connections: USB-C, Bluetooth | OS: Windows, macOS, iOS or Android | Suitable for ages: 8-12

Good build quality
Easy to use
Not exactly a graphics tablet

Wacom Bamboo Slate isn't technically a graphics tablet – it's what Wacom calls a 'smartpad'. This turns handwritten notes and sketches into digital art that can be sent to a tablet via Bluetooth, or a PC via USB. These can be saved in a host of file formats, and there's a real tactile pleasure in scribbling on the tablet and then seeing the results transfer to a screen. Hugely popular with kids of all ages, this is a particularly good choice if you have an arty kid who's just starting out. They can doodle on the Bamboo Slate, then edit their work on a PC or tablet. What a way to spend a lazy afternoon!

Best drawing tablets for kids

(Image credit: Apple)

10. Apple iPad 10.2-inch (2020)

The best iOS drawing tablet for kids

Type: Computer tablet | Screen: 10.2-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with Retina IPS technology | Resolution: 2160x1620-pixel resolution at 264 ppi | OS: iPadOS | Suitable for ages: 16 and older

Brilliant screen
Fantastic performance
Apple Pencil costs extra
... and it's already pricey

If you're going to buy an iPad for a kid, it makes sense for it not to be one of the high-ticket, mega-bucks options. The iPad 10.2 is just the ticket, a smaller and more affordable iPad designed for more casual users. This 2020 refresh has a new faster-than-ever chipset, and like all other iPads, it works with the Apple Pencil (although you’ll have to buy that separately – you’ll find the best Apple Pencils deals here). This means that it's a terrific get for artists of all shades. The drawing experience is sublime and creations look fantastic on the high-quality Retina display. The fact that the tablet can do lots of other things as well makes it fantastic choice, and one of the best drawing tablets for kids you can buy. 

How to choose the right drawing tablet for kids

There are plenty of different types of best drawing tablets for kids. These tablets tend to offer touchscreen surfaces that make them intuitive to use, while some will be capable of interfacing with your kid's other Windows/Mac/Android devices, either remotely or via a physical connection like USB, which will allow them to safely store their creations. Bear in mind that there are a few different types of drawing tablets for kids: 

Pen display tablets feature a built-in touchscreen monitor with a pressure-sensitive surface that you draw on with a stylus. The screen shows the pen and brushstrokes as the child draws, which makes it much easier for them to use. They are more expensive than graphics tablets, and usually need to be connected to a PC.

Graphics tablets plug into computers and enable kids to draw and paint naturally. They are usually a bit cheaper than tablet PC devices. The drawback is that they often don't display what's being drawn, which is instead shown on an external screen, such as the monitor of the PC it is plugged into. This can make using them a bit tricky for kids at first.

Tablet computers, such as the iPad, come with bright and vibrant touchscreens that work well with styluses. The benefits of these include being able to display the art as it's being drawn. They can also run a number of other apps and games as well, which makes them a more versatile purchase. They are also often quite a bit more expensive than pen and digital drawing tablets. 

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