Women's fashion brand celebrates 10th anniversary with empowering messages


To celebrate their first decade in business, Swedish fashion brand Monki is empowering women all over the planet with ten bold statements. By working together with Snask, Monki have created the #Monkifesto, a campaign that brings together ten talented and edgy women to deliver value-driven messages.

10 ambassadors spread the Monkifesto message

Tackling preconceptions surrounding everything from periods and sexuality to body image, the #Monkifesto aims to reassure its audience by letting them know that it's ok to be exactly who they are.

The campaign disrupts preconceptions about women

The inspiring and hopeful message is matched by the campaign's bold visuals, which include the handmade set designs and typography found on the banners, flags and signs.

Monki hopes the campaign will boost their audience's self-belief

Along with the statements and the content, the ambassadors themselves form part of the campaign's visual language. Currently on display in Europe and Asia, the Monkifesto is due to hit 13 countries to spread its message of empowerment as far as possible.