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Refreshing Xbox Series X box art redesign confirmed

The design output from gaming giants has been discussed a whole lot this year – from the endless analysis of the PS5 and Xbox Series X designs to the rumours surrounding the upcoming Nintendo Switch release. But the gaming community is now applauding a less anticipated redesign, in the form of the widely-criticised Xbox Series X game boxes. 

New box art has been confirmed for at least three Xbox games, and the new art is going down a storm. Design-conscious fans have long cited the bulky green banner at the top of the box as an issue (we agree, it was never going to help the Xbox logo reach our best logos list). But we're pleased to see it has been entirely removed and replaced by a tidy white box in the left-hand corner. Check it out below.

xbox box art

Xbox News tweeted the new art compared with the old design (Image credit: Xbox News )

Tweeted by Xbox News (above), the new designs are much cleaner. Many of the busy-looking badges have been removed (such as 4K, Smart Delivery and so on), leaving space for the game graphic to make a real impact. It isn't clear from the images we've seen, but it is possible the badges have been moved to the back of the case – that's where Microsoft popped the 'optimised for Xbox Series X' badge last year after fan feedback deemed it an eyesore.

Xbox box art

The new design is cleaner and uncluttered (Image credit: Microsoft)

Added to that, the platform's black background has been erased, leaving only the white Xbox brand name in the top-right corner.

Though the responses have been widely positive, we have also spotted a stunning concept design from a wistful fan (below). This design is ultra-sleek and modern, with no white boxes to be seen. We think Microsoft should take note.

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Once again, Microsoft has come up trumps in responding to passionate fan feedback. We wonder if Nintendo will take note in its design  for the upcoming Switch Pro logo, which has been subject to much speculation – though this hilarious concept render may have been meant more in jest than a serious suggestion, of course.

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