This hilarious Nintendo Switch Pro logo concept is going down a storm

Buzz is building over the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro, which could be announced in the next few weeks. There is gossip flying over every aspect of the new console and a Nintendo super-fan has just added to the excitement by uploading a hilarious satirical logo to Reddit. It's fair to say this burst of creativity has gone down a treat with the community.

The tongue-in-cheek logo riffs on the veritable storm of rumours surrounding what the next Switch will actually be called. While you'd be forgiven for thinking the name of the Nintendo Switch Pro was a done deal (because everyone has been calling it the Pro for months), the actual name of the console has not been released or decided.  And with this highly-amusing logo representing the tidal wave of suggestions based on Nintendo's previous branding strategies, we think it deserves a place in our best logos roundup for the laugh alone.

The logo is a wild ride through the rumour mill, with a frenzied array of fonts displaying different elements of previous system titles. Our favourite part is how designer u/JardsonJean has included Nintendo's previous habit of simply adding on a word to the Switch title to signal the upgraded version.... '& Knuckles', and '+ Cats of the Wild'.

Redditors are ecstatic over the concept design, with over 47,000 upvotes so far. Amongst the praise heaped on the designer, there are many weighing in with their additions to the logo (not that there's space to add them in, of course). Castcoder wants to add a nod to the multitude of characters Nintendo uses to hype up the gaming crowd with "Starring Lara Croft", "Guest Starring Spyro the Dragon" and "With Banjo-Kazooie". 

Others had ideas on what the name could be, with idzero poking fun at Nintendo for being "confusing". "Nintendo's recent new model name scheme has been "Similar enough to the old name to be confusing", so I'd imagine something more like "Swiitch". Check out the rest of the thread here.

Nintendo Switch Pro

Is this fan-made render how the Switch Pro will look? (Image credit: ZONEofTECH)

However, with the most recent rumour suggesting the Nintendo Switch Pro will actually be called the Super Nintendo Switch, it seems the eventual name might be more straightforward than this concept would imagine. Boo. 

The creativity shown here shows not only how jazzed folk are becoming over the next console, but also how well the gaming community knows and understands Nintendo's branding strategies. It's delightful to be treated to a glimpse of the sense of humour that comes with gently poking fun at a much-loved brand – and the speculation that surrounds it.

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