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The best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals in August 2021

nintendo joy-con deals
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Looking for Nintendo Joy-Con deals so you can finally add or replace a Nintendo Switch controller? Joy-Con prices might be quite a bit more than you anticipated, but we're here to help. The Nintendo Switch has been the hottest console of the past year (at least until the PS5 and Xbox Series X turned up to spoil things), but it's not exactly cheap and neither are its controllers.

It's always handy to have a spare pair of Joy-Cons around, particularly if you want to get some multiplayer gaming in. And should you fall victim to the dreaded Joy-Con drift, where controllers keep reporting movement when you're not touching them, it's good to have a spare pair around so you're not left without controllers while they're being fixed.

Nintendo Joy-Cons are expensive, though. Even if you find a great Nintendo Switch Joy-Con sale, you're unlikely to pay less than $79.99 / £69.99 for a new pair of controllers. And while it's possible to buy single Joy-Cons it's not really worth the effort; they work as a pair, and you'll pay more per unit if you buy them one by one.

Of course, Joy-Cons aren't the only gamepads Nintendo makes for its Switch console. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller looks and feels more like a traditional joypad and is great for long hours of gaming. It's also cheaper than buying a pair of Joy-Cons.

Whichever Nintendo Switch controller you're after, read on for the best deals available now. Then once you get your new controllers, take look at our guide to the best Nintendo Switch games.

The best Nintendo Joy-Con deals

Best Nintendo Joy-Con deals Original Joy-Con

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo Joy-Con

The original Nintendo Switch controllers.

Weight: 100g (combined) | Battery Life: Up to 20 hours

Attach right to the Switch
Come in various colours
Can act as two separate controls
Tendency to drift
Hard to find in stock

Every Nintendo Switch console comes with a pair of Joy-Cons, but if you want to ramp up multiplayer game nights, it helps to have a spare pair or two for such occasions. You're not beholden to the standard grey or bolder blue/red controls that come standard with the Switch, either – Nintendo Joy-Cons come in an array of colours and designs. (Some are easier to find than others, of course.)

Each Nintendo Joy-Con has plenty of cool tech built into it – which factors into their high price. Both Joy-Cons have an accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensor and can deliver HD rumble so you can really feel your games. The right Joy-Con also has an IR motion camera that can detect the shape, movement, and distance of objects.

The most noteworthy feature about Nintendo's Joy-Cons, however, is their versatility. You can use them together or as separate control pads, either vertically or horizontally. The Joy-Cons can also remain attached to the Nintendo Switch console, ideal for gaming on the go.

Nintendo Joy-Cons come in an array of colours that expand upon the plain grey or bold red/blue controllers that are included standard with the Switch. You can choose from vivid neon colours or special edition designs featuring Zelda and Fortnite. Of course, the more 'specialised' the Joy-Con, the harder it'll be to find in stock. 

Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con neon green pink

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Brighten up your Nintendo Switch with these vivid neon green/pink Joy-Cons.

Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con price

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Or perhaps the neon blue/yellow Nintendo Joy-Cons fit your aesthetic instead.

Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con price

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If neon colours don't suit, you can always go for the classic grey Joy-Cons.

The best Nintendo Switch Pro Controller deals

For gaming purists, Nintendo also makes a Pro Controller that looks and feels more like a regular control pad. Like the Joy-Cons, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is not exactly cheap, nor are discounts for it common. However, it's certainly worth picking up if you're playing solo adventure games, as the Pro Controller feels more comfortable for long-haul gaming. (It boasts double the battery life of Joy-Cons, too.)

Best Joy-con deals Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

For a more traditional gaming experience on Switch.

Weight: 400g | Battery Life: Up to 40 hours

Long battery life
Great for solo gaming
Cheaper than Joy-Cons
Still quite pricey
Incompatible with some games

If you're serious about games and fancy paying a bit less, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a great option. It's less versatile than a pair of Nintendo Joy-Cons and doesn't quite have all the features, but for gamers who like the feel of a traditional console controller, it's an excellent choice.

One area in which the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller greatly outperforms the Joy-Cons is battery life. You can get up to 40 hours of juice out of a single charge for a Pro Controller, which is perfect for long gaming sessions. We certainly recommend it for titles where you'll log hours upon hours of gameplay like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

Unlike Nintendo Joy-Cons, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller only comes in one colour (black). Special edition designs exist but are few and far between. (Good luck finding the much-coveted Spatoon Pro Controller in decent stock anymore.)

Don't have a Nintendo Switch yet? Here are the best deals available today:

How to find Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals

Nintendo Joy-Con deals

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo has a reputation as a super fun happy company that loves us all, but when it comes down to business it's a ruthless operator. Like Apple, it knows its products are much in demand and rarely discounts them, so if you're after serious Nintendo Joy-Con deals, your best bet is to wait for major shopping holidays.

While you can probably save a bit on new Joy-Cons if you shop around now, you're likely to do best if you hang on until Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, or the holiday sales. Realistically, the discounts you're likely to get won't be much more substantial than what's available right now, so you might as well go ahead and buy now.

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