The best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con prices in February 2024

Best Nintendo Joy-Con Prices
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The best Nintendo Joy-Con prices and deals can be difficult to find, as these official controllers remain pretty pricey and hold their value well even after six years of the console's initial release. Nintendo rarely lowers its prices outside of big sale events, but every now and then we'll get lucky and spot a bargain from certain retailers. 

The RRP of Official Joy-Cons is usually around £74.99/$79.99 for the classic colour pairings, but you can of course mix and match or buy singular Joy-Cons on their own for roughly $39.99/£35. We've previously seen some pretty great discounts from Amazon and other retailers with Joy-Con prices as low as £58.99/$59.99 for a pair. 

Even if you already have a set of Joy-Cons (they come included when you buy a Nintendo Switch) it's useful to have a spare one for player three, to charge the spare in between sessions, and as a backup option if you suffer the dreaded Joy-Con drift. Take a look at our guides to the best Nintendo Switch games and our list of the best upcoming Switch games to get you started. Or if you're still looking for a Nintendo Switch console, see our guide to the best Nintendo Switch deals

The best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con prices

Best Nintendo Joy-Con deals Original Joy-Con

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Nintendo Joy-Cons (Pair)

The original Nintendo Switch controllers.

Weight: 100g (combined) | Battery Life: Up to 20 hours

Wide variation of colours
Easily connects to console
Can act as two separate controllers
Frequently in and out of stock
Tendency for Joy-Con drift

We'll be honest, even if you do manage to bag a discount on Nintendo Joy-Cons, you're still going to be paying a considerable price tag as Nintendo is not a cheap brand, but Nintendo Switch accessories are usually great quality. Owning extra Joy-Cons is a great way to make sure you're well-equipped for multiplayer game nights and playing with friends. They're easy to connect and sync up to the Nintendo Switch and their sleek design ensures they're easily portable.

The Joy-Con is proof of Nintendo's innovative design when it comes to their tech. Each controller comes armed with HD rumble features as well as an inbuilt gyroscope motion sensor and accelerometer. The right Joy-Con even has an IR (Infrared) motion camera to detect the movement, shape and distance of objects when playing compatible games. Their versatile design means you can use them as two separate controllers, or as one single game pad either attached to the console or slotted into a Joy-Con grip. 

As for Joy-Con deals, you'll find the best current prices with our deals widget below. It updates 24/7, so keep checking back to find live deals in your area as and when they go live. You can even pick up special-edition Joy-Cons that include franchise-inspired designs from the Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing.

Only need one Joy-Con?

How many Joy-Cons can you pair to a Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch has an impressive capacity of eight paired controllers at any one time. This can include a mix of Joy-Cons or the more traditional Pro controller. 

However, it's important to remember that if you are using your Joy-Cons in the Joy-Con grip it will still count as 2 separate controllers, even if only one player is using it. Remember the number of players able to get involved will also be determined by the game software itself!

How do I charge my Joy-Cons?

You need to charge your Joy-Cons in order to use them in tabletop or TV mode. You can charge your Joy-Cons easily - simply click them into place on your console and place them on charge as you normally would. As the console gains battery, so do your Joy-Cons. 

Alternatively, you can charge them whilst housed in the Joy-Con grip. Either plug it into the Nintendo Switch dock using the included USB cable, or plug it directly into the power supply using the AC Adaptor you would usually use to charge the console. It takes approximately three and a half hours to charge the controllers and once fully charged, your Nintendo Joy-Con has approximately 20 hours of playtime.

Can I use third-party (non-Nintendo) Joy-Cons?

Yes! There are some brands out there such as HORI and PowerA that are licensed by Nintendo to make Joy-Cons and other Switch accessories with fun designs and character patterns. They will work 100% fine with your console, and offer a warranty just in case you do run into any problems.

It's best to avoid other sellers on Amazon and unknown brands that haven't been approved by Nintendo as these can potentially harm your console and are also susceptible (probably more so) to the dreaded controller thumb stick drift. This is where your analog sticks will appear to be moving your character or the field of view in-game without you touching or controlling them, due to a drift in the mechanism that is, unfortunately, a common Joy-Con problem. 

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