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Bessel 60x60cm pop-up softbox

Good photography is the basis for great Photoshop effects. Take a look at this review to see if the Bessel 60x60cm pop-up softbox delivers.

Our Verdict

It’s good to come across products such as this soft box that offer good quality at an accessible price.


  • Large size
  • Quick and simple to tidy
  • Excellent value


  • No inner diffuser panel

Anyone who’s used a flashgun directed straight at a subject will know that it rarely produces flattering shots. But when bouncing the light isn’t an option, you need something like a softbox to shroud the flash and soften its light output.

This kind of studio lighting kit doesn’t tend to come cheap, but Bessel, a factory-direct British company, specialises in photographic lighting equipment at bargain prices.

Affordable photography kit

Their 60x60cm pop-up softbox is a good case in point, as it’ll set you back just £35 - that’s at least half the cost of many alternatives on the market, and is designed to be used in conjunction with a standard speedlight style flashgun, dramatically softening its flash burst into a more even light that’s great for portraiture.

Included in the kit is a fully adjustable metal mounting system and coldshoe adaptor that holds your flashgun to the softbox, and mounts the assembly to a lighting stand or a regular camera tripod.
Despite the no-frills price tag, we found the softbox performed impressively well.

Little to find fault

Its 60x60cm size is large enough to provide decent light oftening while quick and simple to tidy away. There’s very little to find fault with here, although we’d have liked an inner diffuser panel included to soften the light output further. Otherwise, it’s high-performing, very easy to use and excellent value.

Key info

  • Price: £35
  • Manufacturer: Bessel

This review first appeared in Practical Photoshop magazine, the number one magazine for lovers of photography and image-editing.

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The Verdict

out of 10

Bessel 60x60cm pop-up softbox

It’s good to come across products such as this soft box that offer good quality at an accessible price.