34 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you

19. Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagemeister and Walsh portfolio

Sure, it’s a little sketchy to have a live cam of your office feeding into your portfolio website homepage. But whether you think Sagmeister & Walsh’s live feed is an innovative concept or something else, it’s undeniable that the homepage navigation is strong, clear and balances style with extreme usability.  

A detailed Answers section tackles FAQs on everything from the studio’s work to its thoughts on branding, typography, inspiration and more, plus advice for students and thoughts on the industry. Meanwhile, the usual Work, About and Press sections provide visitors with quality information on everything from the brief and creative process of each project to instructions on how writers can access assets for articles. 

Images are large and well-shot, and an alternating grid keeps the Work section interesting. But it’s the level of detail each section drills down into that we love. Balancing form with function, Sagmeister & Walsh’s portfolio website is set up to give any visitor exactly what they want in the fastest (but most interesting) possible way – while showcasing the team’s style and personality, too. 

20. Femme Fatale

Femme Fatal portfolio

Based in Paris, Femme Fatale is a creative studio focused on culture, luxury, editorial and art. It pitches itself as being somewhere between sophistication and simplicity, and its portfolio site reflects this tone excellently, combining swish parallax effects with bold imagery. Nice Velvet Underground reference, too.

21. Yul Moreau

Yul Moreau's portfolio

Born in Seoul, based in Paris and "raised by the '80s", Yul Moreau has a portfolio site that grabs your attention from the off with its splendidly garish background montage of retro video. The single-pager site does a brilliant job of showcasing the art director's work, combining video, images and clever scroll effects to show everything off nicely.

22. Sean Halpin

Sean Halpin design portfolio

Scroll through Sean Halpin's kitsch little green world to discover how he can help you build your perfect site. His design is simple and easy to read, yet effortlessly displays his skills and talent for bold, stand-out web design.

23. Christopher Lee

christopher lee design portfolio

Christopher Lee doesn't just share his name with a legendary actor, but apparently a creative talent too. His design site, The Beast is Back, showcases his punchy designs and illustrations influenced by '90s cartoons and urban street culture.

24. Adhemas Batista

Adhemas Batista

A Brazilian-born graphic designer and artist based in Los Angeles, Adhemas Batista has worked with some of the world's biggest brands, including Adidas, Coca-Cola and Sony. His about page design is monochrome, which makes for a powerful contrast with the riot of colour and pattern within the rest of the portfolio.

25. Rosie Lee

Rosie Lee design portfolios

Rosie Lee is a hybrid creative agency, with on- and offline expertise in branding, advertising and retail design. The agency's work takes centre stage on its website, with plenty of colourful, full-width images, videos and carousels showing off what it can do.

26. Olly Gibbs

Design portfolio: Olly Gibbs

Olly Gibbs is a London-based, multidisciplinary designer and illustrator who has worked with the likes of Warner Bros, Muse, and The Salvation Army. It's the attention to detail within his portfolio that really makes it stand out.

The sense of fun immediately showcases Gibbs' personality, whilst the typography and layout makes it work aesthetically. 

27. Bleed

design portfolio: Bleed

Bleed states that it represents "a mix of cultures and disciplines to challenge today’s conventions around art, visual language, interaction, media and identity". This mode of thinking is implemented within its online projects. Full-screen imagery and large type engage the user whilst scrolling through the site, and its studio manifesto at the end is a nice touch.

28. Cast Iron Studio

design portfolio: Cast Iron Studio

Cast Iron Studio's portfolio is a modern delight. The studio has taken on a nifty little cast iron pan as their logo and evokes its environmentally responsible ethos with a simple, naturalistic design and infinite(ish) scrolling. Each project section goes in-depth into each aspect of the work, so there's plenty to explore, too.

29. Steven Bonner

design portfolio: Steven Bonner

Illustrator Steven Bonner's work deserves to be splashed across the screen. Thankfully his online portfolio does just that. In the most recent version of his portfolio, he's taken a confident approach and shunned words altogether, instead opting to let his work speak for itself. 

The homepage features a selection of tantalisingly cropped images of previous projects, and he invites the user to get in touch to find out more.

30. Tim Lahan

design portfolio: Tim Lahan

The design portfolio of Tim Lahan is perfectly laid out

New York based graphic designer and artist Tim Lahan presents his portfolio in a simple yet stunning way. Thanks to the sticky header, the important logo and information stays firmly at the top of your screen as you scroll through colourful examples of work. The drawings and designs are also perfectly laid out to really show them off; with no framing or barriers to distract the visitor or alter the work's effect.

31. Justin M. Maller

Justin Maller's portfolio

The Australian designer, Justin M Maller – who has recently been made CCO of DeviantArt – has a portfolio site that keeps things reasonably simple. The black background and simple layout lets his vibrant work – he's going through a delightfully crystalline phase at the moment – do the talking. 

32. Tim Smith

Tim Smith's portfolio

Boasting 'Brain-powered graphics fun', Tim Smith's portfolio site uses CSS3 to mix a spotlessly clean look with some clever HTML5 tricks such as the cut-out titles for each piece, which disappear as you mouse over. We love the sidebar as well, featuring social links on the front page and then used for navigation between portfolio pages.

33. Stereo

best design portfolios Stereo

London-based agency Stereo has created this simple yet striking portfolio site. Each case study is well thought out and beautifully presented, with a carefully chosen slogan introducing each one.

34. Fieldwork

Fieldwork website

Fieldwork is a focused team of makers and doers that specialise in crafting engaging experiences across digital, web and branding. Founded in 2012 by Loz Ives and Andy Gott, the company has worked with a number of brands including craft beer brewers and illustrators. Its lively portfolio is clean-cut, colourful and easy to navigate.

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