FlexiSpot BS11 Pro office chair review

Super customisable (and super comfortable).

Flexispot BS11 Pro
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Our Verdict

While the installation would be greatly helped by clearer instructions, once assembled, and considering the price, this is a nicely comfortable and impressively customisable office chairs, though don't expect industry-leading ergonomics.


  • Customisable
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Sleek and minimal design


  • Unclear instructions
  • Lots of plastic parts

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A decent office chair is one of the most essential aspects of any home office setup, as many of us discovered during the coronavirus pandemic. It's all well and good having a fantastic monitor and desk, but when it comes to comfort, it's arguably the chair that counts.

Enter the Flexispot BS11 Pro. Primarily known for its standing desks, FlexiSpot also produces a few office chairs, and this latest offering is explicitly designed for longer sitting sessions. Like all the best office chairs for back pain, the BS11 Pro is made for "optimal postural hygiene". But how does it fare in our tests?

FlexiSpot BS11 Pro: Assembly

Flexispot BS11 Pro

(Image credit: Future)

Perhaps the area where there FlexiSpot BS11 Pro is most left wanting is in the setup experience. The chair arrives in a 20kg box, and the instructions themselves are fairly rudimentary – it isn't particularly easy to know where to begin. There are no text instructions, just very small diagrams – and it can be pretty difficult to tell apart the various different screw types and holes. I found myself having to hold the instructions less than 5cm from my face on several occasions. Overall, it took me about 35 minutes to construct the chair – although this would probably be a lot shorter with help from a friend.

FlexiSpot BS11 Pro: Design and comfort

Once the chair is assembled, though, it is extremely comfortable. The seat encourages a fairly upright posture, which might take a moment to get used to – but use I had adjusted, I found the FlexiSpot BS11 Pro a pleasure to sit on.

The backrest is particularly comfortable. Fully ergonomically shaped and upholstered in breathable mesh with an adaptable lumbar support, it offers exemplary back support. 

Flexispot BS11 Pro

(Image credit: Future)

As for the design, I was sent the light grey version, which pleasantly stands out among a sea of standard black office chairs. Indeed, if you're part of the Apple ecosystem, its easy to imagine this version of the FlexiSpot BS11 Pro fitting in with your workspace from an aesthetic point of view.

One of the most impressive things about the chair is just how adjustable it is. Two levers are used to adjust the height of the seat, while the back can be angled via two levers underneath the seat. Even the arm rests are impressively customisable, with levers built in to them allowing for adjustment of height and angle.

Flexispot BS11 Pro

(Image credit: Future)

That said, in another criticism of the instructions, it took me a while to work out exactly what adjusted what. There's no mention of this in the instructions, so the user is left to fend for themselves after assembling the chair. 

Flexispot BS11 Pro

(Image credit: Future)

FlexiSpot BS11 Pro: Verdict

At $249/£329.99, the FlexiSpot BS11 Pro isn't the cheapest office chair out there. But it's one of the most comfortable and adjustable. Once you get through the pain barrier of the initial installation, the chair is a joy to use. And with a 5 year warranty, it's an option that could outlast the competition.

The design is particularly pleasing, with a more minimal and sleek profile than some of its more ostentatious (read: garish) rivals. But perhaps the most important aspect is the sheer comfort of the thing. FlexiSpot says the BS11 Pro is classified as suitable for "intense professional use of 8 hours or more," and I can believe it – from the mash backrest to the adjustable armrests, it's easy to make this thing exactly the right shape and size for you, making it one of the most comfortable office chairs on the market.

The Verdict

out of 10

FlexiSpot BS11 Pro

While the installation would be greatly helped by clearer instructions, once assembled, and considering the price, this is a nicely comfortable and impressively customisable office chairs, though don't expect industry-leading ergonomics.

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