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Mark Boulton on creating grids for responsive design

Mark Boulton, designer, publisher and founder of Mark Boulton Design has spoken about the way responsive design is changing the way that we use grids, in an exclusive video interview you can watch on the Creative Bloq video channel.

"Responsive design has changed the way we think about grids, because grids are traditionally static," explains Boulton, author of A Practical Guide to Designing Grid Systems for the Web. "If you think about printed media, grids are derived from the form: if you think about a book, or a newspaper, the grid is derived from the shape of the paper. A browser is fluid, so we don’t have a fixed size. [It] can go from really small to a large TV or billboard - and everywhere in between.

"Responsive design had changed the way I think about making grids, and what the final output will be. We may have several different types of grids for several different sizes or types of devices."

You can hear more about how Boulton approaches grids, and the tool he's developed to make responsive web design easier, by watching the full interview here (or by reading a transcript of the best bits here). And if you'd like to see him talk in more depth, then you'll be pleased to hear he's one of the keynote speakers at our upcoming conference, Generate.

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Mark Boulton will be joined at our amazing event, held at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London, by 18 top-flight speakers from the design community including Mike Kus, Oliver Reichenstein and Stephen Hay.

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