20 web designers to follow on Behance

11. Big Fan

Big Fan created the concept and identity for the Dish Up campaign for the BBC

A small creative studio based in Bristol, Big Fan has an impressive portfolio of web design work. We love the site and related branding it created for Dish Up – a BBC campaign intended to entice us back into the kitchen by taking a fresh look at recipes. This fun, family friendly design is perfect for that message. 

12. Garth Sykes

Garth's striking style is perfect inspiration for any budding web designer

Currently working as a senior creative for design agency Ludomade, Garth Sykes has worked with some of the world's largest brands, including Sony, EMI, BBC, Electronic Arts and a host of others.

As well as web design – of which you can see several examples on his Behance profile – Garth also specialises in game design. His striking style is perfect inspiration for any budding web designer.

13. Nathan Leigh Davis

Nathan designed this website for Taylor Reynolds

Nathan Leigh Davis is a designer and front-end web developer living and working in Melbourne, Australia. He started working in the design industry as a print designer, but discovered a passion for code and all things tech – and is now especially passionate about web standards, progressive enhancement and responsive design.

Although Davis might not have as many followers or appreciations as some others featured in this list, we've fallen in love with his web design style.

14. Andrew Couldwell

We love this web design

Formerly based in Falmouth, Cornwall, and now working in New York, Andrew Couldwell is a digital designer, web developer, curator and founder of Club Of The Waves. He's currently working as principal designer in the digital department at WeWork, NYC.  

We love the direct yet still cool effect of the above environmental campaign, which Couldwell developed for UK charity, Surfers Against Sewage. The aim was to create a simple, responsive  website that raised awareness of the issue of sewage being pumped into our seas. 

15. Pier Sandro Cancellara

Pier's web design work is sleek and stylish

Pier Sandro Cancellara is a digital art director working and living in Milan, Italy. Creative director at Caffeina, Pier's work is sleek, stylish and hugely inspiring.

Pier started off his career as a marketing analyst for Apple, before moving into a digital art director position at Garmen in Italy.

16. Robbin Cenijn

Robbin has been part of the judging panel of TheFWA and Mobile FWA since January 2011

After some years focusing on motion graphics and video, Robbin Cenijn decided to become a dedicated specialist in interactive art direction and design. Currently he's working as a creative director at UENO, San Francisco.

To keep up with the best work on the web, he's also been part of the judging panel of TheFWA and Mobile FWA since January 2011.

17. Shane Mielke

Shane is currently working as a designer and creative director

Designer and creative director Shane Mielke is a firm favourite here at Creative Bloq. Specialising in design, development, motion and photography, his web design offerings manage to capture each of these elements.

He's designed, developed or animated six Adobe sites of the Day, 28 FWA Sites of the Day, two FWA Mobile sites of the day and two FWA Sites of the Month. Phew!

18. Ricky Burgess

We love Ricky's fresh approach to web design

London-based designer Ricky Burgess is currently working as a design director at Boiler Room, specialising in web design, interaction design and branding, as well as mobile and iPad apps. We love his fresh approach to web design, which uses innovative colour schemes.

We suggest you check out his web design for Life in my Shoes, pictured above. The attention to detail is amazing.

19. Andreas Leah

Andreas revamped Rihanna's official website

New York based Andreas Leah is a digital designer and art director working for agencies worldwide. His recent revamp of Rihanna's website is a great example of the power of simple design and colour use. Leah utilises the contrast of black and white, with highlights – such as the menu option users are hovering over – in red across the website. Very slick. 

20. Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan designed this PlayLease app project

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Daniel Tan seeks upbeat and dynamic design. We love the playful use of type on the above PlayLease logo, and also how Tan makes the most of white space – something so easy to overlook. He's also worked on a number of e-commerce websites, including Minim and Böll Fashion.

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