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Adobe unveils new version of Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CS6 is no more. Say hello to... er... Dreamweaver CC.

No, that's not a typo. As we reported yesterday, Adobe has announced its creative tools will no longer be released as box sets, but as part of its Creative Cloud subscription service. So the new version of Dreamweaver won't be called CS7 but instead Dreamweaver CC.

Dreamweaver CC will ONLY be available through this service, which will mean you essentially rent it, along with Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and other tools, via a monthly subscription. Dreamweaver CS6 will still be available to buy, of course, but won't be updated with the new features.

New features

So what will the new version of Dreamweaver include? Here are some of the biggest updates:

  • A new interface, which Adobe says is simpler, with smoother workflows and contextual menus that let you apply settings more intuitively.
  • New, intuitive visual editing tools that let you generate code and see the effect in your design immediately - no switching back and forth.
  • New 'Enhanced Fluid Grid Layout' interface to help design projects that display on different screen sizes and devices.
  • A new 'Source Code Pro' font for Code View, which Adobe says will make differentiating between similarly structured characters, such as 1 and l or 0 and O, easier.
  • 'Sync Settings', allowing you to log in to Creative Cloud from anywhere and access your files, settings, and site definitions.
  • The ability to add web fonts from within Dreamweaver and Edge tools.
  • The ability to author projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and/or PHP.
  • Improved code hinting and syntax coloring.
  • Drag and drop jQuery UI widgets, enabling you to add accordions to display collapsible content panels, and update all the button states to customize your mobile apps and interfaces.

In total, Adobe promises "literally hundreds" of updates and new features to its Creative Suite tools. So keep your eye on Creative Bloq over the coming weeks, and we'll bring you details of each and every one of them...

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What do you think of the Creative Cloud? Are you willing to pay a subscription for Dreamweaver and other Adobe tools? Share your views in the comments below!