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Adobe previews new responsive web design tool

Back in February, web designers were intrigued as Adobe released the first preview for its new responsive web design tool - Edge Reflow. Today things are hotting up further, with a second preview available to download via Adobe's software subscription service Creative Cloud.

This video above shows senior product manager Jacob Surbers showcase the all-new features. These add extra styling and layout capabilities, including:

  • The ability to leverage absolute and fixed positioning, as well as their z-index. (For example, if you have a navigation bar at the top of your design that you want users to see regardless how far they scroll down, this can be achieved using fixed positioning.)
  • Inline text styling. When you select and style text in a text block, Reflow will use <span> tags and show the CSS for all of the font, colour etc changes you make.
  • Enhancements to the colour picker. You can now control the luminosity of the color, providing you with a fine-grained level of control to help you determine your design palette.
  • The ability to name your elements to helps to keep your projects organized.
  • An overhaul of margin visualization to provide a cleaner UI.

Based on initial feedback to the first preview, Adobe say they've also made Edge Reflow more user-friendly. It's a good example of how the software company is using an open development model to create the next generation of innovative tools to support today's new workflows.

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