Build the perfect website with the new issue of net

Build the perfect website with the latest issue of net mag

If 2015 is the year you promised to build yourself the perfect website then the new issue of net magazine - issue 264 - will tell you everything you need to know.

And it's on sale right now.

In this month's Cover Feature, Mark Llobrera goes through the website design process with a fine-tooth comb, helping you hone your workflow. He also asks web professionals what they think the key is to building a truly fantastic site (what he discovers will surprise you).

The web's leading makers and thinkers predict 2015's defining trends

Elsewhere, we've also rounded up leading designers and developers, (including Aaron Gustafson, Haraldur Thorleifsson and Jenn Lukas), to find out their predictions for the trends that will be shaping the industry in 2015.

From breakthroughs in rapid prototyping tools to the rise of isomorphic JavaScript, one thing's for sure – there's some exciting stuff in the pipeline for web design in coming months.

Learn new skills

In our Projects section you'll find our usual roundup of handy tutorials, tips and tricks.

This issue, James Williams explains how to use three.js to build a simple game that runs in a browser via WebGL, Ricardo Quintas gives the low-down on how to dissect other people's websites and Shwetank Dixit walks shows you how to use WebRTC to transform your communications.

Tutorial: create perfect logos in Illustrator

Tutorial: How to build your first application using the Polymer library and Web Components

And there's more

  • We chat to renowned web animator Val Head about why animation gets a bad rap
  • Christian Heilmann argues than native apps are actually hampering innovation
  • Kat Thompson rounds up the most inspiring websites around
  • Rachel Nabors and Kimb Jones answer your questions

Are native apps good for the web?

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