Animated CSS3 periodic table

The periodic table of elements is a popular subject for designers to showcase new web technologies, and this latest CSS3 experiment is the most fun yet.

At the start of the demo, the disparate elements gently fly towards each other

Built by Barcelona-based web designer Ricardo Cabello - best known within the community as 'Mr Doob' - the demo starts with the animated elements hurtling through space towards each other to form a table.

You're then given the option to rotate them in three dimensions by dragging on your mouse.

Once the table has formed, you can rotate it through three dimensions

You can also switch between 'Table', 'Sphere', 'Helix', and 'Grid' views by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Bear in mind that the demo uses cutting-edge web technologies that only work in the most modern browsers: we'd recommend the latest version of Chrome.

'Sphere', 'Helix', and 'Grid' views rearrange the elements in different patterns

Cabello created the experiment to see if he could use his three.js JavaScript library to replicate the effects used in a demo for the game engine You can find full details on his Google+ page.

In case you don't have access to a modern browser, Cabello has also posted this video of how the demo runs on an iPad 2:

You'll find more of Mr Doob's projects on Github.

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