Get a crash course in motion design for the web with net magazine

Web animation is finally starting to get the attention it deserves. Far from an unnecessary extra, adding animations can help convey relationships, guide users through tasks, and breathe life into your sites.

In the new issue of net magazine - which goes on sale today - we've invited Generate New York speaker Val Head to present a crash-course in motion design for the web.

She will show you how to use the classic principles employed by the likes of Disney to create animations with purpose and style.

The new issue of net magazine goes on sale today.

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Elsewhere in the issue, Rafael Conde has rounded up his 15 favourite Sketch plugins, so you don't need to go to the trouble of hunting them out on GitHub.

Rafael Conde walks you through 15 of his favourite Sketch plugins, where and how you can get them, and how to make the most of them.

There's a plugin that instantly populates your mockups with sample content, one that enables you add overlays featuring useful information to your designs, and even a handy little plugin that automatically generates all the screenshots you need to publish your app on the App Store, in one fell swoop.

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With your issue of net magazine you'll also receive a free course about deploying websites, courtesy of Ryan Irelan’s Mijingo. It offers great video tutorials for web designers and developers.

Deploying Websites (usually $14.99) covers seven popular methods to get your work on the web, from FTP to Capistrano.

Finally, we have a free one-month membership to SketchCasts, a growing library of video tutorials all about Sketch.

Web people

The web designer and Generate speaker on cutting out showmanship, turning traditional publishing on its head, and why the big agency model is shifting.

In our voices section, Shane Mielke shares the secret to making WebGL magic, Brad Frost (and his awesome dog) explains how to nail that first client meeting, and Paul Boag argues that user experience designers need to start making their voices heard in the boardroom.

Shane Mielke is a master-of-all-trades is as happy coding as he is animating or art directing ... just don’t ask him to sit still.

Plus some amazing tutorials

Elsewhere in this special issue you'll find a great collection of practical tutorials. Each is written by a respected industry expert and focusses on cutting edge skills, techniques and technologies.

This issue's tutorials include:

  • Discover how to build a moving app mockup with Pixate
  • James Steinbach shows you how to turn your CSS to Sass in WordPress
  • We find out how Fiasco Design built a flexible site that enables Pelican books to be read directly in the browser
  • Anton Mills walks through how to publish Phaser games using native app wrapper CocoonJS
  • We ask the experts: how do you choose the right fonts?

To help you take your website to the next level, we've also included over two hours of video tutorials too.

James Steinbach shows you how to combine WordPress and Sass to organise your code and streamline your workflow.

Pixate makes prototyping iOS and Android apps a breeze. Jon Bell explains how to use this powerful new tool to build a simple app.

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Words: Martin Cooper