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Web design services getting cheaper

The price of web design services is being forced down due to increased competition, according to a new survey.

Design blog teamed up with web hosting company Heart Internet to survey 500 web designers about their recent experiences in the industry.

Four out of five respondents said that work is either more difficult or just as difficult to find as this time last year, and three out of four think that work will not get easier to find in the next year.

On the plus side, 77 per cent of participants say they are confident about their job security, and nine out of 10 believe that demand for mobile website services has increased.

This infographic features the full findings of the survey (click on the image to see a higher-res version).

Click here to view the full infographic

Click here to view the full infographic

Web designers - what are your experiences within the industry right now? Discuss the survey's findings in our comments section...

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