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Microsoft reveals exclusive Ninja cat emoji

Ninja cat emojis

The emojis were announced as part of the Windows 10 'Anniversary Update'

There's no denying the success of emojis. Succinct, amusing, and well designed, emojis are perfect for adding a dash of humour to your messages or providing a response when words fail you. To keep their designs sharp and effective Microsoft has given its emoji a refreshing flat design overhaul, including six felines exclusive to Windows.

Ninja cat emojis

Combine existing emojis to realise the cat icons

Snuck in amongst other builds that were revealed in the Windows 10 'Anniversary Update', the new set of font-based emoji have a distinct visual style that is in keeping with the Microsoft Design Language. They're also compliant with the Unicode standard.

Microsoft 10 emojis

The new emojis all have a two-pixel border

We're not sure when you'll need to use them, but the six ninja cat emojis can be summoned into action by merging existing cat icons with a range of other images. Need a hipster cat emoji complete with a bandana? Simply combine a cat with a cup of coffee.

The full set of feline emoji include ninja cat, ninja cat flying, at a computer, riding a T-Rex, drinking coffee, and a ninja cat in space.

Microsoft 10 emojis

Look forward to seeing the emojis in action over the next couple of months

Designed to be detailed, expressive and playful, the new emoji set is bordered with a two-pixel outline so the icons can clearly appear on any colour background.

While these emoji are still in a preview stage, with possible tweaks and changes being added before their official launch, the new designs appear to taking advantage of every available pixel. Users can expect to see them released in summer 2016.

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