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Create a moving image illusion

Words: Paul Wyatt

A lovely experiment in colour and image making, Moving Print Lab simulates on a website what happens when a red, green and blue film is moved across a specially processed image in the real world.

This site showcases the 'moving print technology' first seen in the Pikopiko advertising insert in Japan's Asahi Shimbun newspaper, which commemorated 100 years of the Yoshimoto talent agency. It also offers you the chance to create your own 'moving print'.

Because of a clever arrangement of the three different coloured dots, when the film is moved across it, the underlying image will appear to move. This phenomenon allows for many variants of visual image making, and it’s also pretty gosh darn cool as well. (Although take care if your eyes are of a sensitive disposition.)

“We chose Flash CS6 in order to reproduce a sense of the film (in the real world) more fluently, and we were able to create a pseudo-representation on paper,” says Asako Nakano of Dentsu Design Ninja, the agency that developed Moving Print Lab’s technology.

The website was created by Dentsu in colloboration with Kappuku inc. and BIRDMAN. Watch the video below to find out more.

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 233.

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