Why using code is the best way to prototype

Dave Rupert is the lead developer at Paravel, a three person shop based in Austin, TX. He co-hosts Shop Talk Show with Chris Coyier, a weekly sound effects podcast that also covers web design. And he'll be speaking at our very own event, Generate New York on 17 April 2015.

Here we chat with Rupert about him work, being a creative in Austin, Texas and what he'll be talking about at Generate.

What have you been working recently?

Most of my client work over the last year has been prototyping and building out pages using a custom 'tiny Bootstrap' inside of a Pattern Lab. This has been a thrilling and refreshing new way to work. In my spare time, I've been working on TheManyFacesOf as well as building a trivia app in HTML5 that will hopefully ship soon on Android and iOS.

What's the web scene like where you live?

Austin, TX has – in my opinion – the best web scene in the whole entire world. Weekly and monthly meetups in any topic of your choice regularly top 50+ attendees. There are plenty of companies hiring and in many ways Austin, TX is a big city with a small town feel.

What's the most inspiring thing you've seen recently?

I think Active Theory is doing a lot of fun cutting edge work with Web Sockets and WebGL. Their work doesn’t always align with my mobile first, multi-device web convictions, but it’s refreshing to see a shop taking the browser to its bleeding edge when possible.

What are the tools, gadgets, apps and product that you just can't work without?

Every morning I wake up and grind 10 cups of locally roasted Ruta Maya dark roast. Massive quantities of caffeine each morning is the secret to my restless leg syndrome that keeps me attentive all day at work.

What's your Generate talk about?

Building off my client work, I’m going to talk about 'Prototyping and Play'. Getting to code as quickly as possible not only changes your workflow and speed of output, but improves your work satisfaction.

Are there any Generate speakers you're particularly looking forward to seeing?

Oh gosh. So many. Val Head talking about animations is always amazing. Val is one of my favorite speakers. Over the past year I've become a bit if a Jonathan Stark fanboy as well, so I'm looking forward to his talk too.

Words: Martin Cooper

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