16 beautiful examples of letterhead design

An eye-catching letterhead design can help you win work. Here are some gorgeous examples.

Having a well-designed letterhead can really help sell your talents as an artist. Whether for your mail-outs or a covering letter for your design portfolio, the point is to grab the reader's attention as soon as they open the envelope. And a beautiful, memorable design is a great way to achieve that (also check out our list of inspiring envelope designs).

So if you want to create your own but need a little inspiration, we've selected 16 beautiful examples of letterhead designs to help you stand out from the crowd.

01. Jeremy Gardner

Letterhead designs: Jeremy Gardner
There's nothing quite like a bit of letterpress printing to get some attention

There's nothing quite like a bit of letterpress printing to get a prospective new client's attention. Designer Jeremy Gardner makes the most of a simple letterhead design, choosing bright, bold colours and letterpress printing. An extremely effective and eye-catching design.

02. Bronx Zoo

Letterhead designs: Bronx Zoo
Caroline Madigan's letterhead design speaks to people with sounds of zoo animals printed in beautiful typefaces

Created by designer Caroline Madigan, the concept behind this design was to capture the interactive nature of a trip to the Bronx Zoo for both children and adults. The letterhead 'speaks' to the recipient with sounds of the zoo animals printed beautifully with a selection of different fonts. 

03. Coos

Letterhead designs: Coos!
The Coos! letterhead doubles as a business card holder

Coos! is a PR and communication agency run by a team that like to hide behind their alter egos, who are all named Coos. They all have individual business cards for all their alter egos, which are placed behind the letterhead by two simple cuts, meaning the recipient is greeted by an inane Coos! grin when they open the mail. A simple but effective design from graphic design studio Trapped in Suburbia.

04. Bittersuite

Letterhead designs: Bittersweet
South African communicatios agency Bittersuite knows the power of a well designed letterhead

The Bittersuite logo itself is a beautifully designed ambigram – a graphic that spells out a word not only in its original form but also in another direction or orientation. Featured prominently on the letterhead, the design also incorporates a playful concept where a simple fold in the top corner creates another illustration

05. SHE

Letterhead designs: SHE
SHE stands tall and prominent on these beautiful letterheads

SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) is a New York-based organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for women and girls in developing countries. The team at Blok Design in Toronto came up with these gorgeous letterhead designs, where SHE stands tall at the top of the page, emphasized by a bold underscore and varied colour palette.

06. Wine Concepts

Letterhead designs: Wine Concepts
The Wine Concepts letterhead represents a stylised wine label and features overprinted wine drops to reinforce the brand and product

When multi-disciplinary creative agency Hunt&Co was asked to develop a new identity and branding for Melbourne-based wine consultants, Wine Concepts, it came up with this simple but effective design. The logo represents a stylised wine label and (our favourite bit) features overprinted wine drops to reinforce the brand and emphasise the product.

07. One Flew South

Letterhead designs: One Flew South
This gorgeous letterhead design represents the stylish restaurant One Flew South perfectly

Graphic designer Alvin Diec is the man behind this cool letterhead and branding concept for restaurant and sushi bar One Flew South. Located in Atlanta's Hartzfield-Jackson Airport, Diec worked with the brand's original patrotic colours, resulting in this sophisticated design.

08. Musica

Letterhead designs: Musica
Beautiful, detailed black and white illustrations feature on music retail group Musica's letters

Okay, so technically this is a letter-bottom rather than a letterhead, we know but with such a gorgeous design we decided to ignore that technicality. Musica is the largest music retail group in South Africa. And the job of developing a rebrand fell at the feet of graphic design agency Studio Botes, who used detailed black and white illustrations, to depict the world of Musica.

09. Master of Disguise

Letterhead designs: Masters of Disguise
This fun moustache design made of type is the first thing client's see when opening a letter from Master of Disguise

We just love this brilliant corporate identity for Master of Disguise by graphic designer Cortney Cassidy. The letterhead cleverly features the company logo moustache made up of type spelling out its name. A really fun and stylish concept.

10. Bob Kane

Letterhead designs: Bob Kane
Batman creator Bob Kane's cool letterhead design featured the caped crusader himself alongside Robin and the Joker

This cool artwork starred at the top of Batman creator Bob Kane's correspondence. Featuring the comic book's most famous characters, Kane perfectly captured the vibe of the '60s with this brilliant design.

11. Dylan's Barbershop

Letterhead designs: Dylan's Barbershop
You'd be in no doubt who this letter came from with this design by Nike sportswear designer Lizzy Green's

We love this obvious but brilliant comb letterhead design for a start-up barbershop in Portland, Oregon. Graphic designer for Nike Sportwear Lizzy Green came up with the concept for this eye-catching identity.

12. Seec

Letterhead designs: Seec
The Artentiko team highlighted points of each letter in the company name with a different colour to create the new identity

Graphic design studio Artentiko was responsible for rebranding SEEC - a new brand providing products based on LED technology. After a brainstorming session, the team came up with this short, characteristic, and modern design.

13. Nikola Tesla

Letterhead designs: Nikola Tesla
A genius, Nikola Tesla's creative mind was also put to good use for the design of the company letterhead

Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla was best known for his contribution to developing technology that harnessed the power of electricity for household use. And it would seem, from this awesome letterhead that his creative skills extended to illustration design too,  with all kinds of electrical gizmos occupying the top fifth of the page.

14. Best Men's Ties

Letterhead designs: Best men's Ties
Promoting fine neckwear, this elegant, stylish design captures the Best Men's Ties brand perfectly

This elegant, stylish design for high quality tie retailer Best Men's Ties was created by Croatian design studio Cipmann. The brief was to create a 'visual identity that will communicate elegance and style to men who enjoy fine neckwear'. And this classy design does just that.

14. Absurd Machine Production

Letterhead designs: Absurd Machine
This brilliant, eye-catching letterhead was designed by New York-based graphic designer Jessica Benz

This vibrant letterhead for music and video production company Absurd Machine leaves you in no doubt as to who you're receiving a letter from. The clever concept by graphic designer Jessica Benz features vinyl records and film rolls in an eye-catching design, which surrounds the company name.

15. Monster

Letterhead designs: Monster
Super-cool monsters star at the top of these letters

This innovative letterhead design for Monster comes from designer Douglas Orchard. The fun concept features a variety of cute monsters iluustration, cut through a hole in the top of the page that the reader must unfold in order to open properly.

This is an updated and extended verison of an article that previously appeared on Creative Bloq. If you've you seen any examples of brilliant letterhead designs, share them with us in the comments!

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