44 brilliant InDesign tutorials

Boost your skills with these InDesign tutorials, covering live captions, brochure design, animated layouts, and more.

Adobe Creative Cloud's digital publishing platform InDesign has a ton of features which makes it essential for everything from brochure design to eye-catching posters; newsprint publications to screen printing.

Here we've rounded up the best InDesign tutorials on the web which walk you through a variety of design projects. You're sure to find something here to stretch your skills, either by jumping directly to a section using the menu below, or just by browsing all 44; – let us know how you get on with them!

Getting started with InDesign

What is InDesign?

Before you get started with InDesign, check out this short video, which explains how it's used and by whom

If you're an absolute newcomer to InDesign, spend a couple of minutes watching this short tutorial that explains exactly what the software is, its purpose and who uses it.

How to get started with InDesign

In this 30-minute tutorial, worldwide creative suite design evangelist for Adobe Terry White demonstrates 10 things beginners want to know how to do in Adobe InDesign CS6.

Working with tools

There are many tools to get your head round in InDesign. In this short tutorial, Kelly McCathran explains the primary tools used to select, rotate and size objects. She also covers how to use the type tool to edit text and create frames with or without borders, switch tools using your keyboard, and navigate with the hand and zoom tools.

Working with frames

InDesign is all about frames. This video tutorial explores the use of frames, covering how to create them from scratch and how InDesign creates them automatically if you import text and images into a document.

Working with graphics

In just under seven minutes, this tutorial teaches you about placing, which is how you import photos or text into your InDesign page. It covers all the popular image formats: PSD, AI, TIFF and JPEG, as well as explaining how to scale, center and crop photos.

Quickly combine images and type in InDesign CS6

Quickly combine images and type in InDesign CS6

Paul Tysall reveals a simple-yet-effective solution for merging images and type with InDesign’s Create Outlines command.

Work successfully with type in InDesign

Computer Arts designer Jo Gulliver shows you some of the most valuable typographic tools in InDesign. Learn how to quickly highlight text, control copyflow, and insert ligatures.

Wrapping text around an object in InDesign CC

You can wrap text around any object, including text frames, imported images, and objects you draw in InDesign. In this video tutorial Chad Chelius demonstrates the ins and outs of using the Text Wrap tool.

Adobe InDesign tips I wish I’d known when starting out

Lisa Valuyskaya shares the benefit of her InDesign experiences

Lisa Valuyskaya offers some tips she wishes she'd known when starting out, as well as some answers to questions she's often asked, to help you make the best of your day-to-day use of InDesign.

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