48 illustrators to follow on Behance

Looking for inspiration? We've put together a list of some of the best illustration portfolios on, the 'showcase and discover' creative network for designers.

With millions of views each month, online creative community Behance is quickly becoming the place to be for artists of all disciplines. It's a fantastic way to see what your peers are up to as well as finding new work and creative inspiration from top web designers and agencies.

But, with so many portfolios to browse through, it can be difficult to know where to start. So to make things easy for you, we've done the hard work and picked some of the top illustration portfolios that are definitely worth a look...

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01. Oscar Ramos

Oscar Ramos is a master of creating amazingly expressive characters

If character illustration is your thing, then you should definitely check out Oscar Ramos' awe-inspiring portfolio. This guy is a master of creating amazingly expressive characters and portraying emotion in his work. The amount of detail in his illustrations will keep you entertained for hours.

02. Antonina Aleksandrova

Antonina Aleksandrova's portfolio is overflowing with incredible illustrations

Based in Kiev, Antonina Aleksandrova's portfolio is overflowing with incredible illustrations. Her distinctive illustrative style is eye-catching and intriguing. Her career has seen her create various posters and advertisements for newspaper campaigns. But we particularly like her personal work, such as this 'Sukkub Dance' piece.

03. David Sossella

Ray Ban is just one of David Sossella's clients

Illustrator David Sossella has an enviable talent, which you can pour over for hours on Behance. During his creative career, Sossella has collaborated with leading clients on various pieces, including this one for Ray Ban.

04. Charlotte Smith

illustrators to follow on Behance
Take a look at Charlotte's profile if you're into pastels and pretty type

Paris based illustrator Charlotte Smith is an expert in the field of 'pretty'. Her illustrations ooze sophistication and along with her expert pastel colour picks, you'll fall head over heels for her creations. We particularly enjoyed her excellent Moonrise Kingdom GIFs.

05. Llew Mejia

illustrators to follow on Behance
You'll find something new in each of Mejia's illustrations

Based in Minneapolis, illustrator and surface designer Llew Mejia loves colour. These illustrations are packed full of surreal characters with unmeasurable detail that will certainly make you look twice at each and every creation.

06. Nate Kitch

illustrators to follow on Behance
Nate Kitch combines photography, typography and collage work

Using a combination of hand-drawn, collage, typography, photography, and digital imagery to create his work, Nate Kitch often incorporates this with beautiful geometric patterns. Based in Winchester, Kitch is represented by the Eastwing Illustration Agency and has worked with the likes of Ted Baker, New Scientist magazine and Virgin.

07. Andy Hau

illustrators to follow on Behance
A mix of architecture and graphic design in Andy Hau's work

Andy Hau likes to explore the interface between Architecture and Graphic Design in his work. A qualified architect, Hau got his break into illustration and graphic design by winning a competition back in 2009 to design Imogen Heap's packaging for her 'Ellipse' album.

08. Ben O'Brien

illustrators to follow on Behance
This Back to the Future print was created for the Art V Cancer exhibition

Having worked in the design and illustration world for over a decade now, Ben O'Brien takes inspiration from nature and creating inspiring, epic and ethereal landscapes. He has been commissioned by and collaborated with, among others, Smart Cars, Pixar, Westfields Shopping Centres and The New York Times.

09. Nina Geometrieva

illustrators to follow on Behance
We love Nina's use of colour in her illustration work

Berlin based Nina Geometrieva is a visual artist that loves to work with colour in her illustrations. The often adorable characters she produces are packed full of inspirational techniques, as well as a wide range of bright and beautiful colours. She's always up for collaborations too!

10. Olga Protasova

illustrators to follow on behance
Olga Protasova focuses on illustrated typography

Olga Protasova is Kiev based freelance illustrator and graphic designer, at the moment happily focused on things she loves best: lettering and illustration. If you're a big fan of typography, you'll be a big fan of Protasova's illustrated outputs.


illustrators to follow on Behance
Fall in love with the character illustrations of SAINER

SAINER is an illustrator based in Lodz, Poland. His work is beautifully abstract and is often showcased on the walls on his hometown in huge, inspiring fashion. He mainly focuses on character design, using a whole host of colour and quirky styles.

12. Eurico Luiz

illustrators to follow on Behance
Eurico Luiz focuses on the comic side of illustration

Student Eurico Luiz hails from Nova Friburgo in Brazil and is an inspiring choice when it comes to comic illustrations. Taking inspiration from retro movies, his illustration outputs always feature other-worldly aspects that are jam-packed with Luiz's signature style.

13. Natalia de Frutos Ramos

illustrators to follow on Behance
Charming work from Natalia de Frutos Ramos

Natalia de Frutos Ramos is a Spanish based illustrator that loves to work with pastels. Inspired by her favourite films, books and the ever-changing seasons, her illustration work is a breath of fresh air on a dreary, grey day. Check out her portfolio for some charming work.

14. Wijtze Valkema

illustrators to follow on Behance
We love the quirky illustration style of Wijtze Valkema

Bamse Ontwerpt is the studio of Wijtze Valkema. "I work from home, sitting in front of a magical designing machine that takes me to a world where bears ride tractors," he explains. "I also draw other things." Those other things are sure to provide you with some of the best illustration inspiration we've come across.

15. Emma Jackson

illustrators to follow on Behance
Emma Jackson takes inspiration from all things handmade

Emma Jackson is a freelance illustrator and designer, currently living and working in Belfast. She has just completed her BA(Hons) degree in Illustration from Falmouth University and her illustration style speaks volumes for her talents. Her visual language has developed from a love of simple clean lines and block colours, as well as an obsession for all things handmade.

16. Paul Williams

illustrators to follow on Behance
Paul Williams was selected as one of the best British illustrators back in 2010

Paul Williams is a freelance Illustrator living and working in the West Midlands, UK. In the early stages of his career, Paul was accepted for inclusion in the jury-selected 'Best of British Illustration 2010' annual by the Association of Illustrators. It's easy to see why - just take a look at his inspiring portfolio.

17. Michael Kutsche

Illustrators to follow on Behance
Kutsche created this beautiful River Fairy illustration for Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful

It's not hard to see how German artist Michael Kutsche has won awards for his illustrative work when looking at his awe-inspiring portfolio. Specialising in character design, his imaginative creations have lead him to work on numerous feature films, including Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Kenneth Branagh's Thor and, most recently, Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful.

18. Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson has over 30 years experience as an illustrator, resulting in an awe-inspiring portfolio

If you're not already following illustrative designer Steve Simpson, you're missing out. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Simpson has over 30 years experience in the creative arts industry, which has ultimately lead to an incredible portfolio of work, most of which he shares with the world in this breathtaking Behance portfolio.

19. Denis Gonchar

Gonchar's brilliant portfolio includes detailed drawings of both humans and animals

It's difficult to ignore the stunning illustrative work of Ukranian artist Denis Gonchar. A portfolio that includes both black and white and colour portraits and detailed wildlife drawings, it would appear Gonchar can turn his talented hands to depict the most difficult of subjects with ease.

20. Natalie Lines

Self-taught illustrator has an awe-inspiring portfolio. If you're not following her, do it immediately!

Natalie Lines is a self-taught illustrator based in the Midlands, UK. During her artistic career, her distinctive style has attracted the clients including Lady Gaga and retailers Dorothy Perkins and House of Fraser. Her multi-page portfolio is full of gorgeous, intricate illustrations like the one above.

21. James Bennett

There's inspiration in abundance at James Bennett's Behance portfolio

It's a pure case of quality over quantity here. James Bennett is an illustrator based in Pennsylvania, USA. And a talented one at that. While he only has three projects in his Behance portfolio, each is crammed full of gorgeous illustrations and paintings, all in his signature style.

22. Simon Prades

Simon Prades' client list includes the likes of Nike, The New York Times and VICE magazine

Born in 1985 in southern Germany, Simon Prades is a super-talented illustrator and graphic designer, who's client list includes the likes of NIKE, The New York Times and VICE magazine. Pardes' Behance portfolio is awe-inspiring, full of beautiful, intricate pencil and ink illustrations.

23. Christi du Toit

Check out the distinctive graphic style of illustrator Christi du Toit on her Behance portfolio

We love the graphic style of South African illustrator Christi du Toit, which you can see in abundance on his Behance portfolio. A self taught, freelance artist, du Toit focus very much on character design, digital art and illustration.

24. Samuel Ho

Designer and illustrator Samuel Ho combines two of his loves; sports logos and superheroes

If you fancy a burst of colour, check out the brilliant illustrative work of artist Samuel Ho. And if, like Ho, you have a love of sports logos and super heroes, check out his brilliant Marvel Varsity Tees project. His Behance portfolio states Ho's work is 'the manifestation of the many ventures and influences that he surrounds himself with'.

25. Asakura Kouhei

Artist Asakura Kouhei uses his natural suuroundings as inspiration for his illustrations

Inspired by the natural surroundings of his childhood, Japanese artist Asakura Kouhei has created some of the most beautiful nature illustrations we've ever seen. Only a member on Behance since late last year, he already has six brilliant projects online, all of which are a feast for the eyes.

26. Peter Gutierrez

This is just one of many brilliant, detailed illustrations in designer Peter Gutierrez's portfolio

Based in LA, Peter Gutierrez is a designer and illustrator who likes to take on a challenge, which is evident when looking at his extensive portfolio of detailed illustrations. With four pages of both vibrant colour and black and white intricate drawings, you're sure to find inspiration here.

27. Yo Az

This detailed owl illustration is part of illustrator Yo Az's animal series, which also features a stunning stag, bear, lion, bull and elephant

This animal series by French illustrator Yo Az blows our minds: the amount of work and detail is incredible. And there are many more brilliant illustrations in the artist's portfolio. If it's inspiration you're looking for, you need look no further.

28. Iain Macarthur

This is just one of many intricate illustrations featured in Iain Macarthur's portfolio

British illustrator Iain Macarthur has an awe-inspiring portfolio that's brimming with beautiful, detailed illustrations. He specialises in drawing realistic figures and faces, and the above image is part of his 'Transformation' series of surreal like artwork that combines labryinth-like patterns with portraits.

29. Goni Montes

Illustrator Goni Montes has an inspiring library of artwork in his brilliant portfolio

Artist Goni Montes began his artistic career as a scientific illustrator before moving on to editorial illustrations and fantasy artwork. His portfolio showcases a handful of said projects, all of which are worth taking a look at. If you're into character illustrations, you should definitely follow this talented artist. 

30. Atelier Olschinsky

The team at creative studio Atelier Olschinsky created this gorgeous abstract image as part of its 'Organic' series

This beautiful abstract image is a product of Vienna-based creative studio Atelier Olschinsky. Specialising in illustration, photography and art director, their portfolio features page upon page of inspirational imagery. There's also a cool 'Hallucination' illustration available for you to download for free.

31. Ludovic Cordelières

Ludovic Cordelières created this detailed fantasy illustration for the Colombian Festival Macabro

If you're into fantasy art, you should be following talented illustrator Ludovic Cordelières aka Rusalkadesign. The French artist's work is inspired by death metal and worldwide mythologies. His portfolio has a wealth of stunning projects, although they're not for the faint hearted.

32. Erwin Kho

Specialising in low polygon 3D illustrations, Erwin Kho has an extensive portfolio

Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Erwin Kho specialises in creating low polygon 3D illustrations. His extensive portfolio is full of his beautiful and distinctive creations, which includes promotional work for Orange magazine and the island of Aruba. The above, charming series titled 'Islands', is one of Kho's ongoing personal projects.  

33. Niklas Lundberg

Commissioned by TBWA\Paris to create artwork for Infiniti & Red Bull Racing, Formula 1 Global Campaign 2012, Lundberg created a total of five illustrations altogether

The talent of Swedish illustrator Niklas Lundberg has attracted the attention of some of the world's biggest brands, including Eurosport, MTV Australia and Nissan. His work has been featured around the world and in various publications, and most of it can be found in his stunning Behance portfolio. 

34. Gediminas Pranckevicius

One of the eye-catching, awesome illustrations in the portfolio of Gediminas Pranckevicius

The portfolio from Lithuanian illustrator Gediminas Pranckevicius is all about quality over quantity. Featuring a handful of projects, all of his pieces are as eye-catching as this genius 'Time' illustration. One of the best things about this artist is the range of styles he covers - you'll find everything from cute cartoons to dark, sci-fi inspired artwork here. 

35. Am I Collective

The Am I Collective created a series of ilustrations for digestive water Hepar, the narrative unfolding within the intestines of two characters

Cape Town-based creative studio Am I Collective specialises in illustration, animation and design. And its talented team have filled the studio's Behance portfolio with an inspiring collection of colourful illustrations. Featuring 12 pages full of varied projects, there's something here to inspire every creative. 

36. Shishi Hguyen

Shishi Hguyen uses watercolours to create many of her beautiful illustrations

If you like more cute and delicate illustrations, check out the work of Vietnamese artist Shishi Hguyen. She only has a handful of projects uploaded to her portfolio but the work already there definitely makes her worth a follow. Hguyen's creations are incredibly detailed and many have a rather beautiful, magical feel to them.

37. Chris Valentine

Ilustrator Chris Valentine drew this portrait of Steve Jobs after being commissioned by Liquid Capital group in South Africa

Illustration is South African artist Chris Valentine's passion. And with a talent like his, who can blame him? Valentine's portfolio is filled with stunning illustrations, many of which are detailed, close-up portraits. The illustrator drew this one of Steve Jobs after being commissioned to do a series of pencil portraits of famous entrepreneurs and successful people for the Liquid Capital group in South Africa.

38. Eunike Nugroho

Oriental Poppies is Eunike Nugroho's latest watercolour botanical portrait

British artist Eunike Nugroho is a wildlife lover and travelling enthusiast, which shines through in the many nature-inspired illustrations in her portfolio. Favouring watercolours for most of her work, Nughoro pays meticulous attention to detail when drawing her subject matter, even down to the fine hairs found on fruits and flowers. 

39. Victo Ngai

Ngai created this beautiful illustration for McDonald's 2012 Dragon New Year campaign

Victo Ngai is a New York-based illustrator whose biggest passions are travelling, eating and drawing. And from the looks of her portfolio, she excels at the latter. Her eye-catching, distinctive style has secured her work with some of the world's biggest brands, including The New Yorker, McDonald's and Adidas Hong Kong. 

40. Peony Yip

This brilliant, yet disturbing drawing is part of Peony Yip's 'Disease of nature' series

This illustration actually sent shivers down our spine. The portfolio of Hong Kong-based illustrator Peony Yip is full of projects that may invoke a similar reaction. There's no denying that she has a serious amount of skill with a pencil. 

41. Mink Couteaux

This portrait of Tupac Shakur features in Mink Couteaux's 'Dead Rappers' illustration series

It's hard to miss the awesome, vibrant work from Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Mink Couteaux. His portfolio is full of a diverse range of inspirational imagery, ranging from detailed portraits to more abstract designs. His 'Bad Actors' and 'Dead Rappers' (above) series are our particular favourites. 

42. Adam Roselund

This is just one of seven brilliantly creative images Roselund created for independent newspaper Boise Weekly

Having only been a member on Behance since August this year, Californian illustrator Adam Roselund only has a couple of projects in his portfolio. But we reckon this guy is one to look out for. Earlier this year, Roselund created a series of seven brilliantly creative illustrations for Boise Weekly depicting how to survive the end of world. And based on the amount of talent displayed in that project, we can't to see what he does next. 

43. Francesco Poroli

Poroli was commissioned to create the cover image and inisde illustrations for this edition of Italian sports mag SportWeek

If you're a fan of clean vector illustrations, then you'll love the portfolio of Italian artist Francesco Poroli. His colourful, distinctive style has secured him work for magazines all over Europe. Poroli created this cover and inside illustrations for SportWeek, a top sport's news magazine in Italy.

44. Sedat Girgin

This illustration is part of a series Girgin created for Turkish Airline's Skylife magazine

Born in Istanbul in 1985, Turkish illustrator Sedat Girgin works as a freelance illustrator for several children's book publishers and magazines. And all of his work can be seen in what is an awe-inspiring portfolio. Girgin's illustrative style is unique, with many of his pieces featuring a somewhat dark undertone. 

45. Orlando Arocena

Arocena created this illustration as 'a vector celebration of being a proud Mexican-Cuban-Amercian'

Orlando Arocena describes himself as a 'Mexican-Cuban-American who enjoys delivering creative solutions for some of the world's most renowned brands'. A clear lover of bright colours, Arocena's portfolio of amazing, eye-catching illustrations entrances. 

46. Gosia Herba

illustrators to follow on Behance
Gosia Herba is an illustrator of all trades, even creating her own playing cards

Polish based illustrator Gosia Herba focuses her work on surreal portraits, gorgeous subdued colour palettes and hand-drawn aesthetics. She's even branched out into custom playing cards and ceramic illustration designs.

47. Jean-Pierre Le Roux

illustrators to follow on Behance
We love Le Roux's work with illustrative type and colour

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Jean-Pierre Le Roux is an expert at creating inticing and unique illustrations. His type work is particularly impressive and shows off his skills in working with a number of different styles. You'll love this portfolio if colour is your thing.

48. Yeka Haski

illustrators to follow on Behance
You'll be hard pressed not to smile when you scroll through Yeka's profile

Based in Saint-Petersburg, illustrator Yeka Haski focuses on characters, fun, joy, food and the microcosm. Channelling the styles of Kawaii character design, her work is packed full of love, fun and adorable characters that will almost definitely cheer you up.

Have you seen any inspirational illustration portfolios on Behance? Let us know in the comments box below!

Words: Sammy Maine

Sammy Maine is staff writer at Creative Bloq.

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