Detailed illustrations explore homes of 8 modern cult TV shows

The houses from 8 cult TV shows are laid bare in these stylishly illustrated floor plans.

Whether you binge-watch your favourite show on Netflix, or you prefer the more sedate option of tuning in weekly, if you stick with certain programmes for a long time, the famous buildings they live in can start to feel like second homes. After all, who wouldn't want to live in Sherlock's classy London apartment, or Walter White's spacious house? (Might be worth getting rid of his meth before you invite friends round, though.)

But if you want to go one step further and imagine what it's like to actually live in these fictional homes, have created these 8 stunningly illustrated floor plans to help satisfy your craving. It's also fun to spot where major events in your favourite programme took place, such as the Demogorgon breaking through the wall in Stranger Things to where the cast of Buffy broke into song.

Scroll through the floor plans below, but be careful. Once you've started looking at these interiors you'll probably want to watch the programmes back. Just to make sure they got everything right, of course.

Discover the Bluth's house from Arrested Development

Shame we can't see the pizza on the roof

This cosy flat is certainly true to life

It's no mystery why Sherlock's classy London pad is so popular

This house is said to be based on the quaint town of Washington Depot

Judging by the clutter, these two flatmates must get on well

All this needs is a radio pumping Should I Stay Or Should I Go

If you're a vampire you'll need an invite into Buffy's house


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