Brand Impact Awards 2017: shortlist revealed

After many impassioned debates between the world-class judging panel, just over a quarter of the projects submitted to Computer Arts' Brand Impact Awards have made the shortlist. We can now reveal those 49 projects, from 32 different agencies – scroll down for the full list.

Computer Arts' Brand Impact Awards reward the very best branding from around the world. Now in its fourth year, the scheme's rich heritage of past winners represent the cream of  the global branding industry.

2017's shortlist is no different. This year, the Brand Impact Awards received a record number of entries – 187 projects, from 86 different agencies.

The winning and highly commended projects will be revealed at the fourth-annual Brand Impact Awards ceremony at the Ham Yard Hotel, London, on Wednesday 13 September.

Early bird prices are valid until 21 July, so book your tickets now to join the world's top agencies and discover 2017's big winners.

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Being shortlisted for the Brand Impact Awards is an accolade in itself. Standards are unfalteringly high, and if judges felt that none of the projects submitted in a category met the criteria, that category was cut altogether. Those criteria are:

  1. A strong, compelling concept that's appropriate for the client
  2. Beautiful and consistent execution across two or more brand touchpoints
  3. Branding that stands head and shoulders above the rest of its market sector

Also, being the only agency shortlisted in a category does not necessarily mean taking home a coveted BIA trophy on the night. So it's all to play for.

So without further ado, in alphabetical order, here are the 32 agencies that made the shortlist in the Brand Impact Awards 2017:


Fashion Business School, by Alphabetical
  • Category: Education
  • Project: Fashion Business School


Winter Milk, by Anagrama
  • Category: Bars & Restaurants
  • Project: Winter Milk

Helvetimart, by Anagrama
  • Category: Retail
  • Project: Helvetimart


The Badger, by BrandOpus
  • Category: Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Project: The Badger

Design Bridge

Guinness, by Design Bridge
  • Category: Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Project: Guinness


Deliveroo, by DesignStudio
  • Category: Retail
  • Project: Deliveroo

Premier League, by DesignStudio
  • Category: Sports
  • Project: Premier League


Premier League broadcast graphics, by DixonBaxi
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Project: Premier League broadcast graphics

GBH London

AB Walker, by GBH London
  • Category: Professional Services
  • Project: AB Walker

PUMA: Non-Corporate Box, by GBH London
  • Category: Sports
  • Project: PUMA Non-Corporate Box


Reiss, by GW+Co
  • Category: Technology & Telecoms
  • Project: Reiss

Jack Renwick Studio

Carpenters Wharf, by Jack Renwick Studio
  • Category: Property
  • Project: Carpenters Wharf

Johnson Banks

Action For Children, by Johnson Banks
  • Category: Not-for-profit
  • Project: Action for Children

Mozilla, by Johnson Banks
  • Category: Technology & Telecoms
  • Project: Mozilla

Kontor Reykjavik

Alvogen, by Kontor Reykjavik (illustrations: Noma Bar)
  • Category: Pharmaceuticals & Toiletries
  • Project: Alvogen

MARK Studio

Manchester Literature Festival, by MARK Studio
  • Category: Culture
  • Project: Manchester Literature Festival 2016

Walk Through Walls, by MARK Studio
  • Category: Not-for-profit
  • Project: Walk Through Walls


Powerleague, by Music
  • Category: Sports
  • Project: Powerleague


TypoCircle, by NB (with Studio Sutherl&)
  • Category: Not-for-profit
  • Project: TypoCircle


I’m An Activist, by Neon
  • Category: Not-for-profit
  • Project: I'm an Activist for Action for Children

Acumin, by Neon
  • Category: Professional Services
  • Project: Acumin


Seedlip, by Pearlfisher
  • Category: Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Project: Seedlip

Peter and Paul

Noiascape, by Peter and Paul
  • Category: Property
  • Project: Noiascape

Sagmeister & Walsh

Pins Won't Save The World, by Sagmeister & Walsh
  • Category: Not-for-profit
  • Project: Pins Won't Save the World


Halo, by Salad
  • Category: Pharmaceuticals & Toiletries
  • Project: Halo


Conquista, by SB
  • Category: Publishing
  • Project: Conquista


SODA rebrand, by SODA
  • Category: Self-Branding
  • Project: SODA rebrand

Spy Studio

H+J, by Spy Studio
  • Category: Bars & Restaurants
  • Project: H+J

Studio Dumbar

NEMO, by Studio Dumbar
  • Category: Education
  • Project: NEMO Science Museum

Studio Sutherl&

Somos Brasil, by Studio Sutherl&
  • Category: Culture
  • Project: Somos Brasil

Supple Studio

D.R.A.W., by Supple Studio
  • Category: Professional Services
  • Project: D.R.A.W.

Straightline, by Supple Studio
  • Category: Not-for-profit
  • Project: Straightline

Twine, by Supple Studio
  • Category: Technology & Telecoms
  • Project: Twine

Taxi Studio

Carlsberg Export, by Taxi Studio
  • Category: Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Project: Carlsberg Export

Kobenhavn Collection, by Taxi Studio
  • Category 1: FMCG
  • Category 2: Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Project: The København Collection

Polo, by Taxi Studio
  • Category: FMCG
  • Project: POLO rebrand

The Allotment

Radical, by The Allotment
  • Category: Automotive
  • Project: Radical Sportscars

The Clearing

Wild Cards, by The Clearing
  • Category: Self-Branding
  • Project: Wild Cards

The Neighbourhood

Smith’s Dock, by The Neighbourhood
  • Category: Property
  • Project: Smith's Dock

The Partners

Arte, by The Partners and Lambie-Nairn
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Project: Arte

The Butcher The Baker, by The Partners
  • Category: Artisan
  • Project: The Butcher The Baker

Hello Universe, by The Partners
  • Category: Not-for-profit
  • Project: Hello, Universe

London Cru, by The Partners
  • Category: Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Project: London Cru winery

London Symphony Orchestra, by The Partners
  • Category: Culture
  • Project: London Symphony Orchestra

#RewritingTheCode, by The Partners
  • Category: Not-for-profit
  • Project: #RewritingTheCode

Thunderclap Creative

Pillars Brewery Russian Doll Campaign, by Thunderclap Creative
  • Category: Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Project: Pillars Brewery Russian Doll campaign

True North

National Gallery of Ireland, by True North
  • Category: Culture
  • Project: National Gallery of Ireland

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