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Epic animation is a Winter Olympic wonderland

The 2014 Winter Olympics are just around the corner and with that comes the anticipation and excitement of new branding, advertisements and more. So, for us design folk it's an absolute treat to see the animations, logo designs and more coming out of the event.

Here, we see the first TV spot for the BBC coverage of the Winter Olympics. In it, UK creative agency RKCR/Y&R have focused on the aspect of nature and how the Olympians must conquer these conditions to win their medals.

Mark Roalfe, Chairman and Executive Creative Director of RKCR/Y&R, said, "The Winter Olympics is an incredible event where athletes compete against nature as well as each other. The campaign brings nature to life and gives it a foreboding voice with which it taunts the athletes to try and have their day."

[via Abduzeedo]

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