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Master the art of arch-vis with this new tutorial series

R15 Architectural Interiors Cinema 4D training

3D Fluff has a reputation for producing high-quality training for users of Maxon's Cinema 4D and this latest course - R15 Architectural Interiors - is no different. As long as you don't want to drill into the tiniest of details you will find much of what you need to learn about architectural projects in C4D.

The course, which is split into a number of themed videos, covers everything from importing CAD drawings (although as images, rather than usable data) to modelling your scenes and setting up materials, lights and Cinema 4D's physical renderer.

Thorough understanding

Although it doesn't present the greatest detail, the course will give you
a thorough understanding of the processes involved, allowing you to take what you've learned and delve deeper, with a degree of confidence.

What the course excels at is dealing with those little things that can be frustrating to handle, including things like preferences that deal with how textures are dealt with in the viewport, or how to make sure your Mograph clones behave in a predictable manner. It's these little gems that add a lot of value to the course and really benefit users.

The video quality is high, making it easy to watch; especially with the easy-on-the-ear presentation style and well planned scripting.

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue 184 - on sale now!

Rob Redman
Rob Redman is the editor of 3D World and a 3D artist working in VFX and motion graphics for print, TV and film.