Free Photoshop mobile app available for iPad

Photoshop fix on iPad

The free app is available to download today

We first heard about new photo editor Photoshop Fix last month, when it was demoed at an Apple event. Unfortunately for Adobe, that announcement was largely drowned out in the mainstream media by a fuss over the allegedly sexist nature of the demo.

Adobe unveils big updates to the Creative Cloud

But today Adobe is hoping everyone will focus instead on how cool its latest photo app is, as it releases the free app to the world to mark the start of its yearly Adobe Max conference.

Photoshop Fix is available to download for free today. But what exactly does it do?

The app is being released to mark the start of Adobe's annual conference

In short, Photoshop Fix offers a retouching and restoration-focused image editing experience on iPad and iPhone (as ever, Android support is "coming soon").

It's got a simple, intuitive touch interface that makes well-known Photoshop desktop features, like the Healing Brush and Liquify, available for retouching work on mobile.

The app makes features like the Healing Brush available to your mobile device

So how is it different from the already-existing free mobile app, Photoshop Mix?

"Photoshop Fix is a retouch app and Photoshop Mix is about making composites," explains Mala Sharma, Adobe's vice-president, Creative Cloud business strategy.

"So you could start with an image, touch it up, take it to Photoshop Mix, edit it and bring it into a composition that modifies it significantly; then bring it back to Photoshop Fix if you wanted to or take it to Photoshop desktop and do more."

Liquefy is another feature available to use in Photoshop Fix

So now you know. Photoshop Fix may not be a full version of Photoshop on mobile, but it's still a pretty cool app that harnesses some of the full-fat software's retouching capabilities. And you can either use as a standalone app, in conjunction with Mix, in conjunction with the desktop version of Photoshop, or a combination of these.

If you do decide to download it and give it a try, be sure to tell us what you think about it in the comments.

Meanwhile, we're here at Adobe Max all this week. So keep an eye on Creative Bloq for all the latest news and announcements from Adobe.

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