10 top tips for branding success

The right branding and logo design can make or break a company. Here's a 10-point checklist to help you shape your brand-building process. 

01. Empower them

Empower your client so they can develop a clear understanding of exactly what they want from the process. Then you can tailor your response accordingly. 

02. Measure it

Collect quantitative data before you embark on a project. You can then compare this with data collected after launch in order to measure the effectiveness of your work.

03. Research it

A rebrand is pointless unless it's formed from thorough market insight. Try to fully understand customer behaviour, both inside and adjacent to your category.

04. Time it

Markets change quickly, so act on research swiftly to avoid missing out. Having a clear timeline and project plan will ensure you don't spend too long planning.

05. Make it clear

Create a future-proof icon by distilling the marque to a bare minimum. This helps clarify what's on offer and readies the branding for use on merchandise, sponsorship and social media.

06. Make it flexible

Build flexibility into the architecture to allow for easy brand extension. This improves recognition across lines, and lowers the cost of subsequent design work for the client.

07. Make it original

Avoid conforming to type. Achieve segment cut-through by creating something that looks different from other products or services in the same area.

08. Tell a story

Craft stories that get to the heart of the business' USP, tapping into the company's heritage to create a rallying point for consumers.

09. Make it emotional

Think like a lifestyle brand. Give customers a reason to spend more on products or services by creating an attractive brand world based on emotion and inspiration.

10. Mix it up

Speak about different elements of the brand story at different touchpoints. This will help you avoid stale and repetitive messaging and maximise impact.

This article was originally featured in Computer Arts issue 262; buy it here.

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