A beginner's guide to camera aperture

Camera aperture components

Why do some photographs look flat and others look like they have depth? This is usually due to how blurred the background looks. This effect is controlled by a camera’s aperture and is defined on a camera by its f-stop (or t-stop on some movie camera lenses).

Understanding aperture will help sell 3D movie scenes by giving a true ‘movie’ look, a sense of scale both large and small. As always, once the fundamental rules have been understood, the artist will be able to creatively subvert them in order to achieve their own desired effects in their 3D movie projects.

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Mike Griggs

Mike Griggs is a veteran digital content creator and technical writer. For nearly 30 years, Mike has been creating digital artwork, animations and VR elements for multi-national companies and world-class museums. Mike has been a writer for 3D World Magazine and Creative Bloq for over 10 years, where he has shared his passion for demystifying the process of digital content creation.