Trend report season is nearing. Should you launch your own?

Graphic of different shapes on a background
(Image credit: Depositphotos)

The end of the year is the most inspiring and busy season for the creative industry. Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas – all holiday campaigns have been set in motion, but companies should have another important project up their sleeves. An annual industry trend report that walks your audience through the entire sales funnel, from building awareness and thought leadership to shape a community around your brand and acquiring some advocates.

It’s been eight years since Depositphotos (a stock content marketplace with over 270 million images, videos, and music files) first released its Creative Trends report (see our graphic design trends of 2023 here). It was first created as an article in 2017 and grew into an inspiring project. Today, it reaches millions of content creators, wins multiple awards, and helps the company nurture its 40 million community. Still thinking about whether to launch your own? Here are four ideas and insights from the Depositphotos team to help you create a project. 

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Maria Sibirtseva is a Head of Content Marketing at Depositphotos. She works on creative projects, curates content production, and manages the copywriting department.