Designers react to the new Instagram logo

Designers react to the new Instagram logo

The skeuomorphic Instagram icon is no more

Yesterday saw the launch of Instagram's vivid new logo and icons, and unsurprisingly its hundreds of millions of users have got a thing or two to say about it. As we've come to expect, logo designs tend to split opinion – and this creation is no exception.

Having arrived with a summery, optimistic video to explain the decisions behind the design, some think the new logo has a fresh, 90s, Coachella vibe. Meanwhile the logo's critics have mocked its hipster aesthetic and made the usual jokes about how it looks like it was knocked up in ten minutes with Word Art.

Change always takes a little while to get used to, and now the dust is starting to settle on this redesign it's time for designers to have their say. "This is a confident redesign but potentially a missed opportunity," says Sam Becker, the Creative Director at Brand Union.

"It's quite telling that the launch video seems more about convincing people that this was a rigorous undertaking rather than communicating a strong, differentiating idea that elevates the brand and connects to their past. No doubt, this is a visual system that's more practical, usable and modern. It will serve them well, but it could have been so much more."

While Sam is cautious with his praise, others have been more enthusiastic and have taken to Twitter to sing their praises.

However not everybody is happy. In fact most people seem to agree with Sam, arguing that while the redesign is more practical, the logo itself doesn't measure up.

Besides its controversial logo, the functionality of the new Instagram design appears to be a success. Thanks to putting the users' images front and centre, the app looks set to remain one of the most popular places to connect with people and discover the world.