The pros and cons of website builders

When I was 13, I attempted to bake a cake from scratch. I gathered all the ingredients and worked my way through the instructions, confident I was on the path to sugar-filled bliss. When I opened the oven, my dreams were shattered. I had missed a crucial step that meant the difference between a fluffy cake and the sad substitute in front of me. After that, for me, box cakes were a bit of a miracle. Suddenly, cake nirvana was achievable.

In many ways, DIY website builders are like box cakes. For a variety of situations, they offer a great balance of ease of use, flexibility and cost. They provide those not familiar with web development an avenue to create their own professional website. There’s something wonderful about that level of dissemination of web authorship.

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Aaron Speer is a lead developer at Westwerk, where he spends his time finding inventive solutions to difficult problems, and expanding his web toolkit.