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Kick Ass recreated in 8-bit beat-em-up

Kick Ass proved to be one of the most successful films of 2010, charting the story from one of the greatest comic book artists of all time. Even beating some of the best 3D movies on offer to the box office post, the film's mix of black comedy and fighting choreography allowed it to become one of the cult movies of this generation.

Tomorrow see the release of its sequel - Kick Ass 2. To celebrate the return of our heroes, YouTube movie buff channel Cinefix has recreated the best parts of the original movie in an 8-bit beat-em-up style. Featuring the iconic fight scenes and heartbreaking deaths, it's a homage fit for any comic movie lover.

Cinefix love to 'gamify' your favourite Hollywood Blockbusters into 80s arcade and NES inspired action with their slice of 8-bit cinema. With no controllers required, you can sit back and enjoy the action.

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