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Magnificent body art comes to life in stop-motion short

There's been some incredible examples of stop-motion animation over the past few years, with the technique continuing to prove its worth in terms of creativity. Combining body art with the technique only makes it all the more impressive and this project from Elvis Schmoulianoff is absolutely mind-blowing.

"Everything was photographed in my bedroom in late 2012/early 2013 with a point and shoot camera and natural light, a pile of paints, body paints, brushes and a mirror over a period of 10 days," Schmoulianoff explains. "The final sequence contains footage from five of those days and is comprised of 1064 individual images.

"The project was inspired by some amazing artists - Jean-Michel Basquiat's fantastic body of work, Fritz Lang's impressionist masterpiece Metropolis and the sumptuous makeup art of Alex Box. Blu's stop-motion graffiti inspired the concept itself and the sheer creativity of A Dandypunk and England's Happy Slap Boutique gave me the push to embark on a new creative adventure on my own."

See more incredible work on the Elvis Schmoulianoff website.

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