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Obama vs Romney: the top 10 animated GIFs!

Today is polling day in the US, as millions of people choose who will sit in the White House for the next four years. No pressure!

The Obama vs. Romney debates have been deeply scrutinised by political commentators, people on social networks, and pretty much anyone else you can think of. The first debate was a clear win for Romney, whilst round two was a points victory for Obama. Whatever! But you know what? There's a barometer of public opinion that supersedes any presidential debate, though, and that's the highly creative medium of the animated GIF!

Let the GIFs decide!

In this post we bring you the best Obama/Romney animated gifs. Hopefully they'll help you (should you reside in the US) - with the aid of no scientific research whatsoever - decide who you're going to vote for today! For the rest of us, we'll simply sit back and enjoy the compelling, creative, and often bizarre world of animated GIF design.

NOTE: It is best not to make your voting decision based primarily on these animated GIFs.


01. Back seat boogaloo!

02. The Romney chuckle

03. Dancing candidates

04. Obama dreams of Wolverine kid

05. McKayla Maroney is not impressed


07. The Obama burger

08. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster!

09. Shake your money maker!

10. Frickin' laser beams!

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