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Eye-popping animation for AXN LatinAmerica

Design agency Plenty were asked by television network AXN LatinAmerica to produce a video promoting its Sunday marathon, featuring a different primetime TV show each week.

The agency are known for their innovative approach to promotional filmwork and they didn't disappoint.

Using a mixture of various mediums, including 2D and 3D software, 'Time Out' is a feast for the eyes. The main idea behind the promotional video is to warn the viewers to get stocked up with provisions and prepare to watch four hours of their favourite TV show.

Who did what

The art director and graphic designer for the project was Pablo Alfieri, with Mariano Farias acting as animation director.

Illustration was completed by Elda Broglio and the storyboard by Elda Broglio and Mariano Farias. All 3D elements were produced by Daniel Bel & Leandro Giorni.

WATCH THIS! The making of:

Were you impressed by Plenty's work? Does the mixture of 2D and 3D work? Let us know in the comments box below!