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Hyper-real 3D animation in your face!

This stunning 3D animation was created by San Francisco-based creative studio Transparent House.

We absolutely love the amazing quality of every aspect of this hyper-real, fully CG commercial.

How they made it

Believe it or not, this was no ordinary commission for the guys at Transparent House. It was infact an in-house project, developed to showcase the team's obvious skills.

Transparent House principal and co-founder Denis Krylov, principal and strategist Krista Mollion and their colleagues conceived the imaginary vodka brand as a platform to present the studio's creative and production capabilities.

To create such intricate effects, the team used 3ds Max and ZBrush predominantly, combined with After Effects and Photoshop for composition and FumeFX for the fire simulations.

Watch this! Check out this cool making-of video:

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