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WATCH THIS! Amazing rotating 3D city animation

Aardman are known for their innovative approach to animation, so it comes as no surprise that they were chosen to promote the historically-maligned Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham. They teamed up with design agency Isobel to create the amazing rotating 3D model shown in this TV advert:

The four-tier rotating model was crafted by Aardman director Daniel Cohen, whose aim it was to give a ‘quirky and playful interpretation of Bullring and Birmingham.’

Model behaviour

The model contains 12 different executions, to showcase various shopping experiences, seasons and events. The campaign launched this week with the tagline ‘We Are So City’ and has included TV, outdoor, press, advertorials, digital and in-store advertising.

Isobel worked closely with the augmented reality platform Aurasma, to bring the outdoor creation to life. Watch this 'Making of' video to find out just how they and Aardman went about it:

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