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Tattoo art comes to life in creepy animation

Launched in 2011, Random Acts is a daily arts strand screened on the UK's Channel 4. It showcases specially-commissioned three-minute films chosen for their bold expressions of creativity. And this one from Lupus Films, directed by Karni & Saul, is certainly no exception!

This beautiful yet chilling 30-second trailer provides a sneak peek of their story about a miniature predator in the world of tattoos, which will be broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK tomorrow night (and be available to watch online afterwards here).

Loosely inspired by the work of David Lynch, the film opens with a Lynchian-style beach scenario with a girl sunbathing in electric light, when she suddenly becomes infested by her own tattoos.

This shiver-inducing short sees a girl become infested by her own tattoos

This shiver-inducing short sees a girl become infested by her own tattoos

Aardman input

To develop the shiver-inducing short, Karni & Saul enlisted the help of the world-famous Bristol animation studio Aardman. All of the live-action footage was shot in Aardman's studio, with the insect tattoo art developed by Saul animated by the Aardman CG team in Maya and composited in After Effects.

Directors Karni & Saul comment: "In Skinmeal, we tried to make a piece that was visually tempting and, at the same time, had a sharp edge. Like a flower with a trap, that hopefully can get under your skin. The result was a moody piece based on the food chain or, as we call it, skinmeal."

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